Pranab Mukherjee succumbs to Hindi Imposition

The disease of Hindi Imposition has claimed Pranab Mukherjee, who told NDTV that...
If you don't know Hindi, you cannot be a prime minister. There are certain skills that are required for certain work.
Of course, the ET article claims that Hindi is India's "National Language" also, and we know that that's bull crap.

At any rate, what is the solution to this discriminating rule about which there's a doubt as to whether it's even written or unwritten? Is India really a democracy? Then why are the speakers of Hindi superior to others? Why is knowing Hindi - a relatively impoverished, unembellished and new conglomeration of a handful of North Indian tongues - called a skill necessary to become the prime minister of a country where most residents don't speak in that conglomeration of tongues?


Unknown said...

Well said!!! It is like these leaders have become dumb in understanding the real federal system. Why does Pranab himself thinks that he is inferior, as he does not know Hindi???. We have to take this issue nation wide to show that, really hindi is not required to be known by a candidate to become prime minister for a country like India.

dandapinda said...

A penny for Pranab's thoughts and so much for the constitutional 'unity in diversity'. How can a paper like ET publish such stupid lines like Hindi being the National language? Its outrageous and I say they must be dragged to the court of law and made to apologize on front pages of all major news papers across all languages.

Marathi Manoos said...

No Hindi, no PM post!!! ... This is just ridiculous. May be, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee is trying to cover up some other problem ??
Any way, if a senior leader like him says so, it is really unfortunate. What independance did we get in 1947? Freed from British and more than half of Indians thrown in secondary status as compared to H_indians. If at all, we want a language requirement for PM post, it should be that the person should know at least two Indian langauges. I am sure, all the Hindians will find it too difficult and may even find it against their perceived and imposed notion of unity in diversity. Let us do that and see who are the real Indians.

Anonymous said...

every hindian knows at least two languages. Every hindi state has its own language. Bhojpuri, awadhi , punjabi, maithili, santhili are widely spoken langauge in UP and Bihar while Rajashtan has its onw language. Sadly, these languages are called as dialects of Hindi.

Clangorous said...

@ Anonymous,
Still its unfortunate that Hindi takes precedence above all other languages in India. Are we really in a true democratic/federal setup is a question every non-hindian needs to ask himself/herself. Don't know why people still believe Hindi as the National Language when there is no mention of it being one in our Constitution.

dandapinda said...

Take a look at this.

@ Clangorous

When I was in middle or primary school I was taught by my teachers that Hindi is our 'National Language' which I went home and proudly blabbered in front of my parents. This resulted in some caning from my father who is a staunch Kannadiga and made me go back and question the teacher next day as to where is it mentioned that Hindi is the 'National Language' and I had to lose 10 marks in the final exam.

I really feel we should tackle this issue at school level. The problems can also be attributed to the tribaasha sutra which is rubbish.

Clangorous said...

@ dandapinda,

Yeah, me too was brainwashed during primary that Hindi was our National Language... Thanks to Blogs like Karnatique...gotto know the real truth.

Its really great of your father to have made you question the teacher, 10 marks you lost in the final exams was for the sake of Kannada which I am sure you wouldnt regret it now (I am sure I wouldnt).

Yes as you said it has to be tackled at the school level itself, dont know why even state school syllabus have this still in the textbook.

But one thing is for sure , how many parents are like your father who question such things. Most of them are brainwashed themselves, I had to really argue hard with lot of elders that Hindi indeed is not our National Language. Most of them coined me as a fanatic, thats the usual norm with brainwashed Kannadigas/Indians even when the truth is being spoken.

Unfortunately till now the parties who are in power in Karnataka are usually the so called "National" parties" who are more than happy to push this lie on to innocent Kannadiga kids. So called regional party JD(S) is too selfish to fight for such causes, Dont know who will bell this evil hindi cat from degrading other languages of India to second grade and eventually wiping them out one by one like how it has done from the time of Independence.

Mahantesh said...

A regional language called Hindi is being imposed on entire India at the cost of regional languages. Non Hindi states give huge revinue to india and all the money is used by the Central Government to promote Hindi language.

dandapinda said...

I have looked at a few text books myself and could not find it mentioned anywhere. This wrong information is just passed from the teachers to the kids without any base.

Can any of the editors/readers suggest a creative solution to tackle this issue which will cut right into the minds of everyone? Something like an ad on the front pages of all the leading dailies of Karnataka?

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