Karnataka & Italy: "Natural Partners"

There were times when India was compared with itsy bitsy European states for everything ranging from linguistic diversity (grossly erroneous) to economic prowess (grossly humiliating). But in not the first such development, Subir Hari Singh, Principal Secretary, Commerce and Industry calls Italy as Karnataka's "natural partner" because of complementary skills and resources:
As Karnataka’s strong areas of expertise are complementary to that of Italy’s, the state and Italy have a lot of areas to explore.

Bangalore, apart from being a leading IT hub, is also the aerospace and Space capital of India which Italy can explore. Bangalore is a major supplier of automobile components while Italy is famous for its precision engineering with very well known brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat. This provides an excellent opportunity where we can work together
Way to go, Karnataka!

Aside: This post is not about migrants not learning Kannada, but consider this: Mr. Subir Hari Singh calls Karnataka home, but knows no Kannada. So do you see the point that Karnataka is "complementary to Italy" even here? Italian bureaucrats can't run scot free claiming to know no Italian!


ಸುಮ್ಸುಮ್ಕೆ said...

According to the link, the Indian languages this gentleman knows are English and Spanish.
He doesn't know any foreign language of course!
The question is, does GOI deem Kannada one of them, foreign languages i.e.?!

ಯೇಶ್ವಂತ said...

The 2nd link it seems is not working,here is the cached page.


dandapinda said...

@ sumsumke

Kannada in all probability would have recieved more importance if it were some foreign Language esp European.

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