Dr. Singh's unnecessarily poked nose

In a sudden lapse of reason, the UPA government headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh is seeking to centralize bureaucratic appointments and transfers all over India. If enacted, this law will further curb state powers and make the system all the more corrupt and inefficient. And of course, this is a classic example of anti-federalism. Reports Rediff.com:
It's a sure fire recipe for a head-on confrontation between the Centre and the states with the Centre preparing to centralise the entire gamut of bureaucratic appointments and transfers, and the states likely to see red as it would encroach upon their authority and jurisdiction.

The United Progressive Alliance is in the process of finalising a draft legislation of the Civil Services Act 2009, which would seek to bring in sweeping reforms in administration, give independence to the bureaucracy and at the same time de-link the administration from political control.

Union minister Prithviraj Chavan said the government is finalising the draft after which it would be put in the public domain to invite reactions and suggestions, before it is brought before the parliament to be enacted as a law.

The proposed law seeks to create an authority with the power of the Election Commission under which civil servants can appeal for redressal of their grievances. The appointing authority for postings, transfers and appointments would be a panel consisting of the prime minister, the leader of the opposition, the home minister and a judge of the Supreme Court. All civil servants would have fixed tenures and if this has to be changed, then reasons must be given.
The stupidity of the sight of Manmohan Singh and L. K. Advani pouring over transfer papers of civil servants from all over India apart, this is a nonsensical move which will end up reducing accountability and making the whole system slower, corrupt and inefficient than what it already is. This makes state governments further powerless, and as we've argued earlier, increases corruption and lowers the calibre of politicians at the state level. Therefore, this move must be rejected by all the states of India. Easier said than done, of course, because some state governments in India are often just too braindead to even smell dead rats in their table-drawers.

One remembers the Czech President Vaclav Klaus who, Doug Bandow of the CATO Institute at Washington D.C. reports, asked the European Parliament in the context of opposing the Lisbon Treaty which seeks to grant similar nonsensical centralized powers to the European Parliament:

Are you really convinced that every time you take a vote, you are deciding something that must be decided here in this hall and not closer to the citizens, i.e. inside the individual European states?
What about you, Dr. Singh? Are you convinced you want to oversee the transfer of every civil-servant in India? Don't you have better fish to fry?

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