Dissecting the Yash Pal Committee Report - Part VII

Glorification of an English elite – the case of enslaved men trying to free a country!

Till now, we have showed how the Yash Pal school of thought has implicitly assumed that English is the only plausible carrier of knowledge in India, and has thereby criminally excluded 90% of India and openly argued for the continued existence of an English elite. Everything the Yash Pal Committee suggests in its report is for this English elite – and falls short of even the racist Thomas Babington Macaulay in its appreciation for the scientific fact that India’s education is best in Indian languages. In its glorification of an English elite, the Yash Pal Committee surpasses Macaulay.

While Macaulay posited an English elite because of practical and racist reasons, the sad fact is that the Yash Pal Committee continues with that elite because of what we can only term as an Indian mind buried in the “dreary desert sand of dead habit” – in the presence of which, the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore sang, we can’t reach any real “heaven of freedom”. So we have enslaved men trying to free the country from ignorance!

A flawed understanding of National Integration

We now come to another issue which, coupled with the slavish glorification of an English elite, is preparing India for disaster – the issue of a flawed understanding of National Integration in every well-known self-proclaimed saviour of the unity and integrity of India. The Yash Pal committee is basically the academic wing of of that coterie of self-proclaimed saviours – a coterie which has the ability and power to plunge India into a darkness darker than the darkest darkness known to man.

What exactly is the flawed understanding of India’s National Integration? It is the flawed understanding that National Integration is impossible in the presence of linguisitc diversity. It is the flawed understanding that India’s linguistic diversity must be destroyed by promoting one common language. It is the flawed understanding that the flourishing of Indian languages in education, employment and governance will amount to National Disintegration.

Armed with this flawed understanding that there can be no National Integration without a common language, Indian thinkers have started to promote English as an instrument of National Integration in the 21st century. To them the choice of English is a no-brainer since their own bread is derived from that language – as designed by Macaulay. The problem is, of course, English achieves the integration of only Macaulay’s creme de la creme – not any sort of true National Integration. The problem is that these self-proclaimed saviours of India’s unity and integrity take a language which is good for one thing (bread) and offer it as the solution to another (National Integration) where it achieves the exact opposite (National Disintegration).

Hindi – which was once undemocratically proposed as an alternative to English has been thoroughly rejected by the intelligentsia basically because that language is not spoken by a majority of Indians, is more foreign to most of India than English, is devoid of any bread-related content, and pales in comparison with languages of antiquity like Kannada when it comes to literature. We will not dwell on the related and continuing problem of state-sponsored Hindi Imposition. That is a totally different topic which we have addressed elsewhere. Suffice it to say that those who promote Hindi as the instrument of National Integration take a language which is good for nothing and offer it as the solution to something (National Integration) where it achieves the exact opposite (National Disintegration).

In reality, India does not need one common language in order to sustain its unity and integrity. India is based on the principle of unity in diversity, and wiping out diversity is equivalent to wiping out unity. It is unacceptable that the doors are shut on Kannada in any linguistic register – be it education (elementary or higher), employment or governance (state-level or central level) or what have you. It is totally unacceptable that our system denies a roadmap for Kannada to establish itself in these contexts. Similarly, of course, for every other Indian language. India’s National Integration has to be achieved inspite of these valid, legitimate aspirations of the different linguistic states. That is the true challenge of National Integration in India. When that is achieved, true National Integration is achieved. When these aspirations are suppressed, on the other hand, what is achieved is a volcano waiting to erupt.

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Clangorous said...

Rightly said,

Don't know why people who are qualified to be a vice chancellor of an university don't understand these basic facts.... Check the link below :


This so called vice chancellor of Bangalore University is trying to promote three language formula by bullshitting the same old lie saying Hindi as our National Language.

Common people easily get influenced by such blatant lies being repeated over and over again till they start believeing the same as true when such (ir)responsible fellows who occupy such esteemed positions are blindly promoting unconstitutional thoughts.

Wondering why such unconstitutional thoughts are not opposed in our country, especially by us Kannadigas. Probably most of them still want to be in a Mass Hysteria that Hindi is our National Language. KurigaLu Saar KurigaLu....

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