Federalist thinking expels Singh. Is Joshi next?

In a quick move which rubbishes the wisdom of Jaswant Singh who realized - if late - that a federal polity is good for India, he has been expelled from the BJP today. Why? Jinnah is just a scapegoat here. The real problem is the BJP's adherence to its anti-federal stance and a deep-routed inability to learn.

Perhaps this expulsion was clear in this statement of Jaswant Singh: "I didn't write this book as a BJP parliamentarian or leader, which I am not. I wrote this book as an Indian". Gosh - can anybody remain in the BJP if they write books as Indians?!

The question is: Is Murli Manohar Joshi next in the line of expulsion? He talked about India being a federal country in the context of Kapil Sibal not consulting the states before going down his nonsencial "reform spree" of Indian education. With the word "federal" being a bad word according to RSS ideologue Golwalkar, what can help Joshi survive?


Chotudda said...

Well said Guru,
I think in a short span of time, BJP may send its leaders/Sanchalaks to their respective homes, if BJP comes to know that, leaders are supporting Federal system.
Though, said before in Karnatique N number of times, until and unless The Rss/BJP revisits its flawed principle/ideology and makes necessary changes, and under stand what a True INDIA is.

Jai Veerupaksha said...

Joshi could be next or it could be anyone who dares to imagine India as a group picture of its states.But Kudos to Jaswant for walking the talk and living upto his conviction.

The other Romantists in the BJP may take more time to wake up from their dreams..

They better wake up to the reality of a federal India else the party is doomed to go into a perenniel sleep forever!!!!

Ramesh Rao said...

Down goes the first wicket. If this is a result of talking about a federal polity, god save the next generation of politicians in BJP. No one from BJP will dare to speak for fedaralism (who would want to be thrown out) and the party will perform a "hit wicket"

PeterSixPack said...

How many visiting this page have read the 600-odd pager already?

I dont understand how people could pass comments (although potentially veritable:) containing big words such as federal, when the author of that book might have had something totally different in his mind. I mean, why do we even want to assume that this bugger (Jaswant Singh) while in the process of writing his book, realised that India has/had to be a much more federally run nation? Why grant him that benefit of doubt (yet)?

A person who has, in all his incapacities, wept his soul out in the form of this book, cannot but be of any help to building the nation stronger. So he doesnt deserve a benefit of doubt such as the one given in this blog. He has, at best, done a freak & frank post-mortem, and there is this fact that BJP has (mis)fired him. But does his expulsion make us infer that he went anti-BJP, and hence anti-anti-federal? Can all anti-BJP thoughts be attributed federal nature? Or can all anti-Cong thoughts be attributed likewise? Why do book-writers have to be assumed "innocent" in their doings? After all the book is not their swan song, neither is it their word on the death bed so as to blindly assume its credibility, is it?

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