The Hindi Crap, Again.

Our dear HRD Minister Kapil Sibal is at it again. This time, he has summarized the entire body of ignorance that surrounds the use and effectiveness of language (yes, any language), and the concept of National Integration in India. Thus spake Mr. Sibal at a recent conference on school education:
We need to ensure that our children are fluent in all three languages — English, Hindi and the mother tongue — the mother tongue would help in cultural integration, Hindi in national integration, and English would help us globally.
First of all, it is a pity that the false understanding of "national integration" by those who have been ruling us ever since independence from the British is being used as a license to burden children with three languages. During the time of the British, at least, one didn't have to learn any language other than one's own language to feel any more Indian than one already is! It's a colossal waste of time in the most productive years of children to teach them a third language which is nothing but a new set of signifiers standing for the same old objects and ideas. It is a crime against children to teach them three different ways of naming objects and ideas when one way suffices, and when that time is better spent in delving deeper and broader into the beauty and secrets of the world around the children.

Secondly, Hindi achieves not integration, but disintegration of India. Here's an excerpt from an earlier article of ours which is relevant here:

Even if one were to agree, for argument's sake, that learning an extra language over and above English and the language of the state fosters "national integration", why should one of the languages be compulsorily Hindi, a regional language? Why at all should Hindi be taught all over India? To offer formal channels and methods of migration and ethnic subjugation of non-Hindi speakers across India who form the majority of the Indian population? To perpetuate the baseless argument that Hindi can unite people all over India? To perpetuate the feeling in non-Hindi speakers that Hindi-speakers are Indians of a greater God? India cannot achieve "national integration" using Hindi. Hindi can only achieve "national disintegration".
Also, if as a Nation we have decided to destroy the future of our children by burdening them with three languages anyway, that destruction must be mother-tongue neutral, right? Wrong! Clearly, Mr. Sibal and all Hindi Impositionists want to destroy the future of only non-Hindi children. Why? Because by plan, non-Hindi speakers are denied the choice of the third language while Hindi speakers have the choice of picking any Indian language (just because their language has been chosen to rule over the whole of India!). Choice is freedom. Lack of choice is death by suffocation. Why is this death being meted out to non-Hindi speakers? Why are we being made to die by suffocation? Why aren't Kannadigas and Tamils being allowed to learn each other's languages which are linguistically so close-by?

And perhaps more importantly, why has the Three language formula never been implemented in the Hindi speaking areas even 62 years after independence? Why have the futures of non-Hindi children been selectively destroyed and those of Hindi children selectively protected by the Great Indian Nation? And why, again, is the Three Language Formula not applicable to Tamil Nadu? Of course, it is not our intention to propose the destruction of the futures of children anywhere - but if it's being destroyed in Karnataka, we can't help calling for equality in destruction -- for after all, we Kannadigas are not offering ourselves to be selected as guinnea pigs in flawed political experiments of politicians armed with a false Idea of India. If our errant politics dooms us to failure, let us fall united!

Thirdly, it is outright undemocratic to posit one Indian language as an instrument of National Integration in a country where many different language families exist. What nonsense it is to ask a Kannadiga to learn Hindi to feel "more Indian"! If a Kannadiga needs to learn a foreign language -- that's what Hindi is to a Kannadiga -- in order to prove to Mr. Sibal and his friends that he is an Indian, he would need to seriously think if he wants that appellation in the first place! It is utterly wrong to put all those at a disadvantage who are born in non-Hindi speaking states. Hindi is a foreign language utterly useless to most of India, Mr. Sibal. Try to get the point.

The only right thing to do is to dispense with the very idea of using any one language, one culture, one-anything-material as an instrument of India's National Integration. The only instrument of India's National Integration is India's spirituality. Using any "material instrument" is a denial of basic human rights to those to whom that material instrument is foreign. And Hindi is the deadliest of those instruments.

Fourthly, it is a disease of the Indian mind because of which Indian languages are considered good for only 'culture' -- complete with folk dances performed by tribal folks donning coconut leaves around their private parts. No Mr. Sibal, grow up -- languages are bread-winners. Indian languages need to graduate to become fit carriers of knowledge.

Fifthly, it is pitifully implied by Mr. Sibal's statement that all one needs to achieve is 'cultural integration', 'national integration' and 'global integration'. Hey -- you just forgot bread, Mr. Sibal. Do you still want to retain your job? You're failing to understand human resources, you're failing to understand that humans need bread before you thrust on them any sort of integration crap. Any HRD Minister worth his bread needs to come up with a solution for India's bread-problem. Or -- he/she needs to listen to those who do have a solution.

Sixthly, while Mr. Sibal says only something as innocuous as "English would help us globally", there is nothing in his plan or the plan of his informer - Prof. Yash Pal - which considers anything other than English as the language of bread! After all, there is no talk of Kannada as the future language of engineering or medicine or management or what-have-you in the "path breaking" reforms suggested by either the professor or the minister. In reality, Mr. Sibal lacks the ability to elevate (or even think of elevating) Indian languages to the status of knowledge carriers - because of which he has to implicitly assume that English is actually the language of bread in India -- an assumption which destroys the future of most Indians.

In summary, all Indians must oppose Hindi Imposition. Yes, including Hindi speakers - those who care for the whole of India more than the need for them to 'conquer' India. Hindi imposition is destroying us, gnawing at the vitals of India. It's a pity that Kapil Sibals right from 1947 have come to believe that in this destruction lies the future of India. It's a pity that they all fall prey to the same old crap. Oh when will our politics grow up? When will state governments see through this plan of destruction? When will the central government hear the deafening cries of hundreds of millions of Indians being crushed under the weight of Hindi imposition?


raj said...

Well said..I agree 100% with you..

Punda said...

Very well said! With the BJP Government hell bent on 3 language policy in Karnataka, it hurts someone like me who was forced to learn Hindi which has been of use to me only for 3 weeks so far in my life, when I made a trip to North India. For the comfort of 3 weeks, I had to waste 14 of my initial education years mugging up Kabir ke dohe without understanding an aota of its beauty or meaning just for 5 marks, read the same Nehru & Gandhi lessons in Kannada, English & Hindi for another 10 marks.

If this continues, I think India will cease to exist and it will tread the path of USSR. How can a Minister blatantly lie on National media that Hindi is the National Language? Its a disgrace to the very fundamental of this nation, the concept of 'Unity in Diversity'.

MagicalTouch said...

Going by this line, Mangalore people should demand learning in Tulu, instead of Kannada, and make a huge agitation, saying they won't learn Kannada. They just need Tulu and English to be part of this world. As everybody agrees to learn English its enough for all communications. And they are best in Tulu, their mother tongue. Rest all is not needed.
Going by this, slowly we can come out of mother tongue as well. English can be spoken everywhere, why we need Kannada as well? We can reduce to learn only one language.. If learning Kannada and English not a problem, for Mangaloreans, Kodavas, Badagas then, they won't have trouble in learning Hindi as well. Its our own priorities to be set right first and the laziness to be fought against. Language, region and other issues will fall in their place sooner. Please stop spreading hatered. Knowing one more language doesn't make me less Kannadiga. Moreover, all these bloddy bloggers can learn Java, C, C++, and what all languages on Earth.. Cant cope up with Hindi, is crap!!

Jockey said...

@ MagicalTouch

Yes, whoever's Mother Tongue is Tulu must have education in Tulu. Period. Rest is all not needed.

The point is - men and women of strength must stand up for the cause of the education of Tulu people. The fact that they cannot get their act together doesn't form the substance of an attack on the science behind mother-tongue education. The fact that Tulu people lack the scientific spirit / love for their language is not a license for Hindi Imposition.

Take Spain for example. People think the Spanish speak only Spanish. The fact is - there are many languages in Spain, the differences similar to the differences between Tulu, Kodava, Badaga, Kannada, etc. The smaller provinces haven't chickened out like the Tulus / Kodavas here in Karnataka. Instead, they have asserted their right to maintain their languages and done it really well - to the extent of having PhDs awarded in their own languages. What have the Tulus done? What have the Kodavas done? What have the Badagas done? What, indeed, have the Kannadigas done?

If you have what it takes, take up the cause of Tulus and give them a decent education system. Kannadigas are always with Tulu / Kodava / Badaga speakers in this true pursuit of excellence in education and occupation.

If you don't have what it takes, you don't have the moral right to stop Kannadigas from doing the right thing.

Amit said...

@ Jockey
I fail to understand why you make such a comment - "The fact that Tulu people lack the scientific spirit / love for their language". Such comments can only harm the integrity. In fact, I don't think Madikeri celebrates Kannada Rajyotsava. And also for the fact that during the Horanadu agitation (a.k.a. Kasargode movement), it was the Dakshin Kannada People who fought for it so that it remains in Karnataka. Alas! our own ministers failed to provide any momentum to that. And as such for the execellence in Education and occupation, I do not think Tulus or for that matter, people from DK need any help.

MagicalTouch said...


"If you don't have what it takes, you don't have the moral right to stop Kannadigas from doing the right thing."

Please Don't think all Kannadigas are with you. I am sure there are lot of Kannadigas who don't have problem in learning Hindi. If there are people who have difficulty in learning Hindi, there are people who like learning Hindi. I learned Hindi, just because it was in my curriculum. But, after I learned, I liked it.

Psychology/Learning science says, you can master in any number of languages in childhood. Once you are an adult, you can't learn languages. So, if somebody learns one more language, in his childhood may be by compulsion, whats the problem? Anyways, who have laziness to learn anything in school, will not learn Hindi as well. Who learns lot of stuff, can still manage some space for Hindi.

Jockey said...

@ Amit,

Not celebrating Rajyothsava does not prove the love of language of Kodavas! What does prove is the building of a Kodava language university / centre of excellence - something like the Technion in Israel. Education in DK / of Tulus needs help until such a university is built. I hope you understand.

@ MagicalTouch

Your mention of "not having a problem in learning Hindi" is on a tangent here. I don't have a problem learning any language - as long as there are valid reasons. There are no valid reasons to learn Hindi. I have learnt Hindi, too, and I like too! But that doesn't mean I would prescribe its imposition all over India.

Going by your argument that children can learn any number of languages, why don't you teach them a dozen other languages? What's the problem? Do you see it? There's a place where you need to stop. Every language must have a reason to be learnt. There is no reason other than the need for Hindi speakers to rule over the whole of India.

Clangorous said...

Well Said Jockey,

@ MagicalTouch,
Truth is most of the Kannadigas are already brainwashed with a blatant lie that Hindi is our National Language. That is why they are blind enough or as u say lazy enough to accept a lie and feel a pseudo nationalism in learning a regional language of the cow-belt.

Coming to your points about Tulu, Kodava, Why cant Kannadigas have a choice to choose Tulu or Kodava as their third language ?. Why only Hindi ?. Tulu or Kodava can be easily grasped and understood by Kannadigas than Hindi. That way even the Tuluvas and Kodavas can feel inclusive within Karnataka if fellow Kannadigas learn their languages. Thrusting an alien language upon innocent kids with a blatant sense of pseudo nationalism in the name of a biggest lie called National Language should be resisted by all non-hindians. When the Kids from the cow-belt have a choice to choose their third language, why deprive that choice to other non-hindi states ? .

Priyank said...

@Magical Touch,

>>> Going by this line, Mangalore people should demand learning in Tulu, instead of Kannada,

You are right.
Education (Higher education too) if implemented in mother tongue is the best one can ask for. One would be really happy to see Indians mastering in majority of the fields in their own language.

>>>>> and make a huge agitation, saying they won't learn Kannada. They just need Tulu and English to be part of this world. As everybody agrees to learn English its enough for all communications.

English for all the communication is the position we are in today. However, if the government (really concerned one) takes the necessary steps to uplift the languages (I mean all of India's languages), English would be reserved only for external communications. For all internal communications - language of the land (which is Tulu in Dakshina Kannada district).

>>>>> Going by this, slowly we can come out of mother tongue as well. English can be spoken everywhere, why we need Kannada as well? We can reduce to learn only one language..

This is where you (magical touch) are wrong. The article is asking for true upliftment of Indian languages and not giving them up. The idea of Hindi for unification is wrong - thats what the article is trying to highlight.

Mohan Kumar said...

Thanks for this excellent post exposing Sibal's vicious lie. The fool Sibal must be forced to trash his evil agenda of Hindi imperialism. It's obvious that Hindi imperialism is the greatest curse of India and is the biggest threat to India's unity. The Hindiyans can keep their regional language Hindi to their BIMARU states. There is no need for non-Hindi Indians to learn the regional language of Bihar. India is not an extension of the cow-belt. The Hindiyans and their willing boot sole-lickers need to understand this.

Two languages (mother tongue and English) are more than enough. If there needs to be a three language policy, non-Hindians can learn the other languages of their state or neighbouring states or foreign languages. For instance, Kannadigas can learn Tulu/Kodava (languages of their own state) or be free to choose between Konkani/Marathi/Telugu/Tamil/Malayalam (all languages of neighbouring states) or learn a foreign language of their liking (like French/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Japanese/Arabic/Russian/Mandarin) besides Kannada and English which should be taught in all schools in Karnataka. There is absolutely no need for Kannadigas or any non-Hindian Indian to be burdened with the regional language of the cow-belt. Hindi imperialism is destroying India and India may eventually end up fragmenting into pieces like the USSR because of the vile policies of the Hindi imperialists.

Radha said...

I agree with Mohan Kumar that plethora of options for learning the third language available to people whose mother tongue is "Hindi" should be available to all others. The third language could be the 'mother tongue'. I mean Bengali migrating to Tamil Nadu should have an option to learn his/her mother tongue other than English and Tamil and vice versa for the migrated Tamil in West Bengal.

Radha said...

To the editor's question as to why Tamil Nadu has the two language policy and not the three language system, fortunately the ruling power is with the so-termed regional party. DMK will leave no stone unturned to make Tamil & all other Indian languages official at the union level - from their election manifesto. AIADMK vows to do the same. Of course, it is easy to make other languages official once Tamil gets the status. But it is extremely difficult to make it happen with just a lone state pushing for the change. But interestingly, Maharashtra government ( ruled by Congress) is making Marathi compulsory for non-SSC syllabus. It has mandated CBSE, ICSE to follow the state syllabus till 5th, which means that there is no 3-language policy till 5th. At least a good step to start with if it could be implemented amidst the hue and cry raised by non-marathis. Article reference - Sorry if it is a repeat.

turuvekere ravi said...

The argument that Dakshina Kannada is completely Tulu dominated is false. Dakshina Kannada has tulu majority in certain taluks only.

Vast segment of gowdas of sullya speak Kannada. There are brahmins in Putturu, Belthangadi whose mother tongue is Kannada.

I sincerely advocate teaching Tulu as the third language in schools in Dakshina Kannada district instead of Hindi.

vandana said...

you must have encountered questions like "oh, then are you going to impose Kannada on Tulu speakers also" "Oh then are you going to ask kodavas and konkani speakers also to study in Kannada only"

If those who pose questions like these are outsiders, then their sole intention is not to see us united.

If they are insiders then they are oblivious to the cultural heritage of Karnataka. They don't understand if Kannada cannot become a bread winning language then its impossible that the other languages of Karnataka develop on its own.

K.R.V is fighting for Tulu to be recognised as national language.

ಬೌಃ ಬೌಃ ಶ್ವಾನಃ said...

The sanskrit ved univirsity will also do that same
"teaching nothing but a new set of signifiers standing for the same old objects"

so u say "shwanaha aagamishyami" instead of "nayi bantu".

Ankit Jain said...

Ha ha ha,
I like the enlightened discussion of hon. Mohan Kumar for his way of talking about the hindi speaking states is worse than what i have seen at many of the notorious pakistani forums. You are so pleased to learn english and french but a closer to home hindi is such a pain. I don't have any problem with any language because with a language comes a power to understand and appreciate the literature of the language. No matter how much deeply i study the translation of "Anandmatha", i will never be able to feel the truth of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's feeling as i don't know bangla. I have lived in a lot of places in India and one thing I can conclude is that whatever be our outward appearances, inside our homes we all have the same attitude, similar fears and similar hopes. Languages matter to those who fail to understand the emotions behind the words.

haLLi haida said...

agree with vandana.. people who are talking about tulus are outsiders.. i remember many marathis inflitrate into kannada forums just to take out their frustration of belagavi.. take for example he does not even know that badagas are not majority in karnataka, but in the neighbouring regions of ooty (ootakamundi), niligirs area. also, badaga is a dialect of kannada not a different language that evolved separately.

tuluvas and kodavas have no other option to learn kannada in karnataka (apart from their mother tongue) becuase karnataka was formed on the basis of a language called kannada. on the other hand we did not fight with british to form a country called india so that we can all speak hindi, init?

if kannadigas in neighbouring states and foreign countries learn the respective state language along with their mother tongue, the same applies to any damn person in karnataka too... tuluvas, kodavas are no exception...

Cne Rocks>> said...

Uhh......seems like the exact thing that Rowdy talked about has happened in the comments [conceptually speaking].
IMHO, we need to have a look at the BIG picture here. While we were in India, our regional language was enough for us (except the ones working in north).
Now, when we move out of india - into other countries, we pause being Tamil and become Indians. And when u meet another Indian outside India, isn't it a shame that we end up greeting that person in 'enghlish' ?? Why can't we accept a language as the national language and use it?? And if at all we have to have a national language, why can't it be Hindi? Whats wrong with Hindi? Its not just another regional language - its spoken and understood in more than 4 states which gives it some weight.
The Internationally known film industry of India is Bollywood - in Hindi. Can anyone name any other language in India that has as much reach as Hindi? I am a Tamilian and am proud of Tamil. And pride in my language means I am willing to compromise for the common cause of national integration.Dude, I have lived in Pune for aroudn 3 years now and I haave seen first hand the issues faced by tamilians who come here.
Tamil is strong enough to not get swallowed by hindi anytime soon.
And whats the problem is students learn 3 languages anyway?

Mohan Kumar said...

Hahahahahaha, the hon. Ankit Jain is avoiding the topic altogether. If he is so ashamed of learning English which is a language that belongs to all parts of India, why is he writing a comment in English? Why does he not forget English completely and keep himself to his own regional language Hindi?

In fact, he seems to accept my argument that one should learn languages that are closer to one's place. So he is directly vindicating my stand that Hindi imposition is a curse and Kannadigas, for instance, should be free to choose between languages closer to them like Tulu/Kodava/Telugu/Malayalam/Tamil/Konkani/Marathi.

The problem is not with learning another language but the curse of imposing one particular regional language on others who don't want it. He accepts that Hindiyans don't learn any other language apart from their own regional language Hindi and some English. So why should non-Hindiyan Indians be forced to learn the regional language Hindi?

Mohan Kumar said...

There IS a problem with forcing the regional language Hindi on others!

National integration cannot be achieved by forcing all people to learn one particular regional language and Hindi IS a regional language, limited to the states of BIMARU and a few other places! It will only lead to total national disintegration as this article truthfully explains!

If Cne Rocks is so ashamed of English, why is he writing a comment in English? Why is he using English in the first place? Can he travel anywhere in the world or the cyber world without knowing English? He knows that English is absolutely necessary and yet he tries to make a case for the imposition of the regional language Hindi which will only lead to total national disintegration.

A Tamil or any non-Hindiyan who is in Pune will naturally learn Marathi quickly since it's the language of the place. It's only the Hindiyans who come to Pune and try to impose their regional language Hindi on the people of Maharashtra by disrespecting Marathi. This has led to an expected and deserved backlash against the Hindiyans in the form of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and Raj Thackeray, though violence should not be used. It's the attitude of the Hindiyans in imposing their regional language Hindi on Maharashtrians and disrespecting Marathi that led to the violence against Biharis/UPwallahs.

There IS a problem with three languages since it forces children to be burdened with another language. Even if someone needs to learn three languages, all non-Hindiyans must have a choice of learning languages of their own state or neighbouring states and not be forced to learn the regional language of one particular region.

sharath said...

thus spake my so called "friend" non hindians are a curse on India's unity and soon their tongue has to be twisted to say words like "khya? aapkha kHana ho gaya" if you are able to say this with some decent accent then bingo you have achieved the "National Integration".

you gonna have to start by singing "hindi hain hum hini hainu hum vatan hain"

Long Live India.

Mohan Kumar said...

Take a look at this crap:

raj said...

@Cne Rocks
Do you feel ashamed of yourself, because the IT job you got is because you studied English in school / college?
If there was no opposition to Hindi in the 19050s you would be studying engineering in Hindi and will be jobless for your entire life.

Anonymous said...

This Fight will never fetch anything.....There are 1618 langauges in INDIA all langauges cannot be Implemented in studies and more over as you guys are telling many languages dont have their own script..........Imposing Hindi is really not acceptable but keeping Hindi in mind why should we fight as Kodava,Tulu.... and others.....and for your information even we study many things which we never use in it doesnt mean its waste....ex history..... who was born when who suceeded him...... it is same as hindi so learning hindi is also not a may be used or not but we can study and if needed use it if not of use then it is not eating any space in your head.... as arts guy also would have studied science in his schooling.......and science guy would have studied social in his schooling......

so my conclusion is nothing is compulsion......we can take it as we like people who dont need it can always Ignore.

please read Adolf Hitlers MeinKemph he was a guy who did what he wanted studied what he liked.....but his story tells us somewhere he was wrong........

Guys lets take things positively and Go forward no need to waste time on these crap lots to achieve.......lots to concentrate.....Chinese are going top lead world......we need to compete them.....

Avianwing said...

I think the best formula for India would be a three language formula but of a different kind. Each child should have access to learning the basics of his mother tongue (eg. the local dialect of Oriya spoken in interior western Orissa/ a tribal language in the forested part of Andhra) wherever possible.

I am sure this is feasible if the child is studying in his own village or district or can be made feasible with some funding and infrastructure building in the top 10 or 20 major cities of India like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kanpur, Guwahati etc. This is absolutely important in the development phase of the child i.e approximately till s/he is 8-10 years old.

If the actual mother tongue education is not feasible, s/he should be able to learn the closest dialect or language - eg Standard Telugu instead of Guntur district Telugu.

This language should be taught right from Kindergarten to the 10th grade. This may be tough if the parents are on a transferrable job but not impossible at least for Indian languages having more than 5 million speakers. Parents should also be actively involved in teaching the child and the burden should not rest exclusively with schools and the state.

The second language of importance is English for all Indians which should be taught at least from the Standard I or II so that the child becomes nationally and globally competitive.

The third language taught in schools should be the local language of the village/town/district/state in which the student is studying.

Examinations should be there only for the Mother tongue and English and not for this third language. If the student moves to another state , s/he should start learning that state's language from a scratch. This is because a sole function of this 'third language' is to blend with the people of the environment and create a sense of harmony and respect for the local people anywhere in India.

So taking a hypothetical example A tamil boy whose parents are from Coimbatore studying in Mangalore will have to learn

Coimbatore Tamil(if possible), English and Tulu . Let's say after 5 years his family moves to Orissa ; there he would be learning Tamil, English and Oriya.

Whether he is in Mangalore or Orissa he will be giving examinations only in Tamil and English.
Similarly if a Tulu boy is studying in Mangalore he will be learning Tulu, English and Kannada and when the same boy moves to Assam- he would learn Tulu, English and Assamese.
If there are insufficient Teachers with Tulu knowledge in Assam, he can learn Tulu over distance learning program or the internet.

This formula is not without its flaws but as of now I think it is the best solution for India.

Indian said...

Mother unguent & English is the only successful formula I see. Hindification of an entire Maharashtra is at it's peak & unfortunately Marathi's are helping in that regard. Hindi is not can never be a reason of all Indian integration. It is rather making most of furious. At least people like me in Maharashtra. Hindi speakers have taken us for grated over a long period & an actual imposition has begun by asking Hindi to be an official language of BMC. Will Marathi be accepted in any of the municipal corporations across India? If they answer is NO then Hindi has no business being an official language of BMC.

ANAND RM said...

Congrats. Excellent article. Its the time to save our children from burden of hindi.

The Maithil Guy said...

someone mentioned hindi as a regional language of bihar...........get your facts correct dude.... HINDI is the superimposed official language of bihar. bihar itself has its own languages (magadhi,bhojpuri, santhali and maithili which are very very very different from hindi. for instance:
English---how are you?
Hindi----- aap/tum kaise ho?
Bhojpuri--- tu kaisan ba?--(mind you bhojpuri is spoken more in u.p. than in bihar).
Now the fun starts:
Maithili--aahan kena chi?...does it at all sound like hindi???? Mind you..maithili has its own script also but it is the biggest victim of Hindi imperialism. Maithili people now can't speak either maithili purely nor can they speak hindi correctly............
so next time pls pls pls get the fact correct that hindi is the regional language of UTTAR PRADESH only and has been superimposed on Bihar (language matches with bengali) and Rajasthan(language matches with gujarati-haryanvi)

Anantha Rao said...

This three language formula is completely non sense & wastes precious time of children & students as no one makes career out of third language. Many states have imposed forcibly on state people either as first language or as third language. We are wasting our students life in learning unknown languages instead of investing same time in creativity & innovations. In few states like Karnataka, entire state has been hypnotized with third language means Hindi when it can be any language. Above that, since 1950's a systematic propaganda has taken place to project Hindi as "national" language when at best it qualifies a regional languages of few states. It is high time India must embrace EU model. We are all united as India & does not need any single language for integration. There are only few national issues like defense, currency, etc rest all should be state issue. People from all states pay taxes on goods & services but central govt collects most & gives back to states at its will, that too with lots of conditions such as Hindi propaganda, all India jobs, etc. Now powers exercised by centre through various schemes is even more powerful unlike before. India must decentralize powers immediately & all languages should be treated equally in all PSUs, airports, central offices, banks, railways, etc. This is bound to happen one or the other day & Hindi supremacy will be laid to rest, for good.

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