'Right' now, just read the subtle message

Read this message from M Karunanidhi at the unveiling ceremony of the Sarvajna statue in Chennai carefully. Very carefully.
"Let us take a vow to lead the people of both states to live in unity and harmony without foregoing our rights"
'Without foregoing our rights'? Who are "we"? Foregoing exactly what rights? Who decides what the rights of Tamils are and what the rights of Kannadigas are? Things will become clear soon, just wait and see!


Rohith B R said...

Out of this whole statue-couple affair, BJP gets to win more votes (seats?) in BBMP and the bye-elections, and Tamils (the DMK govt. i.e.) gets to drag Hogenakkal underneath our carpets, like a strand of hair from a mass of butter - without any(more) difficulty i.e.

But, I have my own doubts, if KRV will let that happen, even if BJP sleeps over it.

Kishore said...

All this statue erecting thing looks to be a prelude to KA & TN entering into some pact. The younger brother might make some sacrifices on behalf of Kannadigas.. like nodding to the central government approved, Rs. 13.34 billion Hogenakkal drinking water project by Tamil Nadu. I guess then also BJP's newpaper VK will give all the support required to build openions and supress peoples voice. Then also Kannadigas might have to show their Hrudaya Shreemantike and accept BJP's standpoint.

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hogenakkal_Integrated_Drinking_Water_Project )

Nivesh said...

Suppressing one's identity is not democracy.

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