Thiruvalluvar's statue and the beautiful ideology of reality avoidance

Karnataka’s offer to unveil the statue of Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar in Halasuru, the heart of Bengaluru – in exchange for Tamil Nadu’s offer to erect a statue of Kannada poet Sarvajna in a no-man’s land in a godforsaken corner of Chennai called Aynavaram is an example of how one flawed ideology can end up wasting public money and public attention on private nonsense.

And you thought the BJP govt. will fight on Karnataka's side? Think again!

The chief minister of Karnataka stooping to the extent of saying that he treats Kannada and Tamil (as well as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) “on par” is one of the worst jokes being played on Karnataka today. One questions whether Mr. Yeddyurappa has read his offer of employment correctly! Does he realize at all that he is the chief minister of one linguistic state in India called Karnataka? He is certainly expected to treat Kannada preferentially over Tamil. He is certainly expected to treat Karnataka preferentially over Tamil Nadu.

If his party and its ideology are against the Govt. of Karnataka treating Karnataka preferentially, someone needs to quickly explain why at all Mr. Yeddyurappa & Co. is in power. What are they doing in the Vidhana Soudha if not treating Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka preferentially?

The RSS / BJP ideology of reality avoidance

Two words can summarize the flawed ideology of the RSS / BJP: reality avoidance.

In this flawed ideology, there is no Kaveri river. Inhale, exhale. There is no Hogenakal. Inhale, exhale. There is no problem which Kannadigas face in Tamil Nadu. Inhale, exhale. Migrant Tamils aren't disrespecting Karnataka by not learning Kannada. Inhale, exhale. There is no PIL filed in Tamil Nadu against Kannada being declared as a Classical Language. Inhale, exhale. And yeah, there is no Kannada, no Tamil. Inhale, exhale. Even if they are, they’re not Dravidian languages. Inhale, exhale. That’s a fabrication of the British. Inhale, exhale. There’s only Sanskrit which is the mother of not just these two languages, but all the languages in the world. The daughters resolve into the mother in the end-game, so all the daughters (who can’t even be considered as existing) – please keep quiet and return to mommy! Inhale, exhale.

In short, there is no dispute, no conflict. Inhale, exhale. There can't be one. How can there be an internal conflict in Bharat? Inhale, exhale. There is only total peace. Inhale, exhale. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, say “OM” and you’ll realize that there is not a single chord of dissonance between the two states. Inhale, exhale. In fact, there are no two states, no border between them! Inhale, exhale. There is one single Bharatmata - a woman in a pink saree with a zari border, a saffron flag in hand who if allowed to speak shall speak in Sanskrit which all of India must understand in order to deserve to be called India. Inhale, exhale. By the way, the lion next to her responds to Sanskrit, too, and can single-handedly ward off all types of enemies - nothing else is needed, just the lion is good enough. It's a sophisticated, swadeshi weapon of mass destruction. Inhale, exhale. It was sleeping when Warren Hastings was casting his eye on her, and hasn't had a wink of sleep after the RSS was founded. Inhale, exhale.

This, in summary, is the reality avoidance on which the RSS is founded, an offshoot of which flawed ideology is the BJP, and whose Karnataka chief is today the chief minister of Karnataka. As per this flawed ideology, one of the parties needs to give up in order to stop “internal disputes” in India so that the India of RSS’s invention remains conflict-free. If the perennial winner doesn't give up, the perennial loser should - in the interest of Bharat. What's the life of 5.5 crore Kannadigas in comparison to the rest of Bharatmata's children? Trivial.

The RSS and BJP would rather suppress legitimate internal protests against the ill-effects of its reality avoidance than admit in public that there is a definite conflict between the two states – a conflict which their flawed ideology prevents from even acknowledging - let alone solving in real terms. So in their ideology, conflicts are solved by denying their existence. Smart, eh?

The message Karnataka should have delivered to Tamil Nadu

Even those who have supported the Govt. of Karnataka in this move can never forget how Tamil Nadu treats Karnataka on the actual diplomatic turf: it sucks Karnataka dry of its rightful share of Karnataka’s own river waters by blackmailing the central coalition government, continues to act like the British used to during the days of the Madras Presidency, objects to Kannada being declared as a Classical language, sends migrant workers to Bangalore who have the audacity to impose Tamil on Kannadigas instead of learning Kannada themselves, encroaches on Karnataka in the border areas (very recently on Hogenakal which is a part of Karnataka), and has in the not so distant past gobbled up large districts such as the Nilgiris and imposed Tamil on the Kannadigas there.

Instances of Karnataka winning or even achieving a draw against Tamil Nadu in the diplomatic game are available only in the pre-British era. Karnataka has been the perennial loser ever after the British set foot on India.

Thanks to Mr. Yeddyurappa's government, Karnataka has repeated the message that we’re once again open to be fooled, once again unguarded, once again not interested in our own interests, once again irrational. Once again, the Govt. of Karnataka has repeated the message that it’s not concerned about Kannada, Kannadigas and Karnataka any more than it’s concerned about Tamil, Tamilians and Tamil Nadu. Karnataka has once again showed that it doesn’t know how to play the game.

Long-term cooperation between two parties is not achieved by only one party making sacrifices. Yet, this is exactly what Karnataka has done. History, where no cooperation has resulted from Karnataka playing the perennial underdog, has apparently been no teacher today.

Nobody seems to understand that if Karnataka has to give Tamil Nadu any message today, it’s the message that Tamil Nadu might have fooled us in the past, but it cannot continue to fool us for ever. This is not the time to talk about the beauty or sanctity of Thiruvalluvar’s poetry – it’s entirely irrelevant. This is not the time to award an ill-treating neighbour by eulogizing a poet from there. Yet, this is exactly what the Govt. of Karnataka has done.

Q: How come Thiruvalluvar and Sarvajna exist for the RSS / BJP when their ideology is one of reality avoidance?
A: They don't exist, silly - both resolve into Veda Vyasa. Didn't you get that? Inhale, exhale.

Q: Then what's this statue business?
A: A way of showing that there is no dispute inside Bharat, silly. Inhale, exhale.

Q: To whom?
A: To Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Warren Hastings, silly. Inhale, exhale.

Q: How come Bharat exists?
A: Bharat is beyond reality, so reality avoidance cannot avoid it, silly. Inhale, exhale.

Q: How come Gilani and Hastings exist?
A: Acccording to the great modern sages of this country, reality avoidance is a universal Vedic principle which applies to entities within Bharat only - such as Kannada and Tamil. Everything else exists and exists to harm Bharat in one way or the other, silly. Inhale, exhale.

Q: Wait a minute, isn't Warren Hastings dead? How can he exist?
A: His ghost is still snooping around trying to re-capture Bharat, silly - this is what happens to those who don't drink the water of the Ganga and/or eat beef. He's waiting for the precise moment when the heads of state of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka come to the negotiation table to discuss mutual issues like a couple of adults. And then he'll strike. And then the lion will forget its magic mantra because of a previous-life sin and won't be able to inflict any harm on the enemy. Just read M. S. Golwalkar's Bunch of Thoughts for mathematical proof (we mean Vedic mathematics). Inhale, exhale.


Clangorous said...

Couldnt have put it any better, very well said.

Chikkodi Chinnaswamy said...

The idea of resolving issues is appreciable but the way things are being done is regrettable. Mr BSY, just to remind you, Kannagidas have elected you not the people of Tamil Nadu. The issue is not with the statue but the politics behind this.

Prashanth said...

All the kannadigas, irrespective of their caste, native place, etc. should see to it that they don't vote for parties such as BJP which cheat kannadigas for the votes of tamilians living in Karnataka.
KRV and other pro-Kannada organizations, we would love to vote for you, we will all support you, please contest asap.... Karnataka and Kannadigas desperately need you..

Ashwin said...

I am a proud Indian and yes, I am also a kannadiga.
Yes, this I agree that this statue diplomacy is wastage of public money for pure political play.

But still your post does not make any sense to me.

Chikkanna said...

Karuna Nidhi had time again questioned the very existence of Rama and Ramayana. He had even gone to the extent of making derogatory comments on Rama and Ramayana characters. BJP came to power harping on "Sri Rama" temple issue (which they never bothered to construct during their seven year regime) and now the same Karuna Nidhi has become elder brother of Yedyurappa (Vastu spelling)and icon of simplicity and cultural unity. I don't know who they are trying to fool around. Leaders of Kannada organizations were put behind bars, while people with LTTE placards (Prabhakaran' photo along with his brothers Karuna Nidhi and Yedyurappa) were allowed merry around.

End Result - Tamilians will NOT vote for BJP
BJP will lose Kannadiga votes

- Chikkanna

Anonymous said...


I am "Proud Kannadiga" and yes, I am also an Indian, I am also a World citizen.

Your post makes lot of sense to me

- Hemmeya Kannadiga

Anand said...

Ashwin it menace you are not ready to accept the truth that unity in diversity

ravee said...

Well Said.

Chikkodi Chinnaswamy said...

Seriously looks like Mr BSY is mentally aberrant. He has even gone to the extent of saying to the voters in the bye election 'BJP'ge vote maadade iddare kahi anubhava agatte'.

What the BJP has done is a disgrace to the face of Kannadigas. Added to this are the Karnad's & Murthy's who speak as though they have been elected by us and they are the reincarnation of Sarvajna himself. At the other end of helm are those so-called 'Cosmopolitan' (the word as per me is an insult) who accept anything and everything. It is not that they accept, they are just lazy to raise their voices.

Mr BSY, can you please tell the people of Karnataka, why you have not released the Kannadiga protestors whom your government had taken into custody as a precautionary measure?

putta said...

Its evident from their acts that BJP in Karnataka is behaving as if they have captured Karnataka for ever and no body can displace them. So they are just obeying the commands from RSS to expand their base in southern states. RSS/BJP dont know that even if the world perishes, tamils will not vote for a national party. Its ridiculous that RSS/BJP pacifying and appeasing the person who questioned the existence and qualification of their IDOL, RAMA.
Cheap tactics from BJP/RSS to garner votes.

Sri Sai Skanda said...

Few aspects :

1. There is nothing about the statue that necessitated it becoming an inter state issue. That it was allowed to become one, clearly shows absence of maturity on the part of Karnataka politicians.
While a state by definition is not a sovereign entity, resolution of this issue was between the Tamil Sangam, a linguistic minority state of Karnataka and the state of Karnataka.By getting TN into the picture we have made the issue gain more political leverage than it would have actually garnered.This could also set the trend for compensatory politics where the key issues are sidelined to showcase symbolic and irrelevant accomplishments like the dramas that unfolded on 9th and 13th of August.

2.Secondly the message that KA has sent out is that Tamils in KA are different and that they still have a lot of political moorings in TN that they can use, which is a wrong signal to send out.

3. Thirdly if indeed the statues were unveiled,Kannadigas in TN should have come up with a request for having more avenues of cultural expression in Chennai or TN.Also more efforts should have been sought from the Tamil Sangam to pursue mass Kannada training to Tamil migrants that was in vogue till the Cauvery riots of 1991.

4.Stupid acts of using public money for political mileage alone and no true benefits fr Kannadigas shows that BJP is racing running down along the morality slope.

Anonymous said...

Very good insight provided on how the implementation of a failed ideology is not good for anyone!!!

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