And now, they're coming for your money

Did you ever get to hear that the Indian Rupee will soon get a Hindi Symbol? Take this news from
Finally, rupee to get a symbol!

Major currencies of the world like the US dollar, the pound sterling, the yen and the euro among others, have an identification symbol.

The Indian rupee, however, does not. In February this year, the Finance Ministry invited Indian residents to participate in a competition for designing a 'symbol for the Indian rupee'. Government officials have told CNBC-TV18 that as many 2,500 entries have been received from across the country. While the designs are under the wraps for the moment, a seven-member committee will soon meet for the first time to short list five entries. The committee is headed by a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Deputy Governor and will scrutinise the designs before choosing the final one.

The Finance Ministry has said that the symbol should represent the historical and cultural ethos of India and be widely accepted across the country. It has also said that the symbol should be applicable to a standard computer keyboard. The symbol will also have to be in the Indian national language script or a visual representation. Finalising the chosen design will take a few months, but once the process is over, the Indian rupee will finally have a symbol—befitting its status as the currency of a rising economic power.
Just to confirm, here's what the official design contest invite from the Finance Ministry has to say, openly assuming the existence of a "National Language":
The symbol has to be in the Indian National Language Script or a visual representation.
Yes, the rupee will soon openly symbolize the ethnic subjugation of hundreds of millions of Indians. Yes, the rupee will soon symbolize the colonial power that rules Independent India. Yes, the rupee will soon symbolize the second-grade status of hundreds of millions of Indians - Kannadigas, Tamils, Telugus, Malayalis...Yes, the rupee will soon symbolize the legalization of ethnic crime against every linguistic people in India whose only fault has been to not have been born as Hindi speakers.

Did you notice that the news item does not use the word "Hindi" at all? Yes, they're coming for your money without telling you. That's the nature of the Hindi attack: it's veiled. By the way, did you realize that as we speak, you're paying hard earned money for the central government to celebrate today as Hindi Day? And - do you realize that India is a democracy which is government by the people, for the people and of the people - the Hindi people?


Ramesh Rao said...

"Hindi imposition day" rather. There is saying in Kannada "ಚಪ್ಪಲಿನ ಶಾಲ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ಸುತ್ತಿ ಹೊಡೆಯೋದು" - In the same way Hindi is imposed on each and every Indian disguised in the forms of Entertainment, Jobs, Education etc.

In a true federal set up, this wouldn't happen. Alas! we still live in a colonial India.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous....least to say. If you think you are paying your hard earned money for Hindi day, why not oppose classical status to kannada, as it means central govt. grant for kannada which is other ppls hard earned money? wat is your exact objection to the RBI invite, mention of national language when there is none? if that is the case, read it as hindi. Currency falls under central govt, since official language of central govt is hindi or english, RBI action is constitutional justified, the same constitution that guarantees your right. y don't u oppose kannada rajyotsava, tuluva and kodavas are paing their hard earned mone, isn't it? so wat actually is the objective of this post?? tat everybody needs their own currency in their own language? infact rupee itself, with or without any symbol is a product of North India, so u want it's name changed? I am from karnataka (but not a kannadiga, my mother tongue is havyaka)and i live in kolkata, studied in central govt school from 6th to 12, learnt hindi. wat is the problem? I speak in hindi with ppl who do not know kannada, speak in kannada with ppl who dont know havyaka and ppl who know havyaka, we use common language. can cental govt stop u from speaking ur mother tongue in ur home? no..then??


Raj Kumar said...

This is a good example for "Tyranny of the majority" . I think we are going deep into the USSR way...

പാറ്റ്സ് said...

Look at this BBC News Item:

It's funny, that Rawat mentions "any Indian language" in the interview, and "Indian National Language" in this paper! The paper was clearly prepared to fool the Indian people.

kartik said...

its a hopeless thing to accept a already built visualisation... it shoud be creative n moreover a meaningful one., and its chance for indians to show their talent.. as $ carries no meaning, but the setters of competation had announced it should be in standerd key bourd very sorry to hear this

Anonymous said...
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Clangorous said...

@ Adi,
Kannada has earned its classical language status after meeting multiple criterias which were not even considered earlier for other languages like Tamil and Sanskrit. Tell me just one reason why Hindi is imposed as the so called "National Language", What criterias does it meet ? and why non-hindians should learn/accept Hindi by force ?. Don't give us the same old crap that its spoken by majority, So would non-hindus accept Hindutva as the "National Religion" and start learning about the same as its the religion of the majority ?.

Coming to the constitutional rights you have mentioned , the same constitution doesnt mention Hindi as the "National Language".

We do not want our mother tongues to be spoken only at our homes, we want them to be recognised as an Indian Language on par with the status that is currently being enjoyed by Hindi and English.

Ramesh Rao said...

@ Adi

"I am from karnataka (but not a kannadiga, my mother tongue is havyaka)and i live in kolkata, studied in central govt school from 6th to 12, learnt hindi. wat is the problem? I speak in hindi with ppl who do not know kannada, speak in kannada with ppl who dont know havyaka and ppl who know havyaka, we use common language. can cental govt stop u from speaking ur mother tongue in ur home? no..then??"

All these does not deny the fact that Hindi is shoved down a Kannadiga's (Kannadigas') throat in one form or the other.

Anonymous said...

Hindi+English can be understood by 80% of india's literate population. Moreover, Hindi is second most widely spoken language in the world, just behind Mandarine. In the capitalist market, ecomics drives govt policies. When our capitalist minds can get 80% of the market with just 20% of effort ( just Hindi + English), why should they focus on any other language. This is the reason why even medicines wrapper consits of just two language..but who cares?? as long as our capitalists influenced govt get their money, no body really bother about the local language.

Raj Kumar said...

Are you from one of BIMARU states? Where did get all these false info?? According to wiki only 41.03% speak Hindi and 19.4% are bilingual.

world's most widely spoken languages

Chinese* (937,132,000)
Spanish (332,000,000)
English (322,000,000)
Bengali (189,000,000)
Hindi/Urdu (182,000,000)
Arabic* (174,950,000)
Portuguese (170,000,000)
Russian (170,000,000)
Japanese (125,000,000)
German (98,000,000)
French* (79,572,000)


Titan said...

@ Adi,

If you speak Havyaka, you are as much a Kannadiga as a Kannadiga from Dharwad or Mysore. Havyaka is a dialect of Kannada - not a different language.

Jockey said...

@ Adi, @Titan,

In fact, Havyaka is called Havigannada.

Anonymous said...

Rajkumar, see the below link.

ravi turuvekere said...

For those ignorants,,
Karnataka pumps in 80,000 crores to Central govt exchequer every year and in return gets only 8000 crores.

Central govt is running becoz of states like KA, TN, GJ, MH and not bcoz of some bimaru states.

Anonymous said...


It was just for an information that Hindi is second most spoken language in the world. You should not make it as personal attack, I were for healthy discussion.

Moreover, Kannada is spoken by ~65% of the residents of Karnataka, still it is the national language of Karnataka. If we apply the same logic, Hindi should become the national language of India.


"Kannada is the official language of Karnataka and spoken as a native language by about 64.75% of the people. Other linguistic minorities in the state as of 1991 are Urdu (9.72%), Telugu (8.34%), Tamil (5.46%), Marathi (3.95%), Tulu (3.38%), Hindi (1.87%), Konkani (1.78%), Malayalam (1.69%) and Kodava Takk (0.25%)."


Bengaluru generates 90% of the revenue for Karnataka. Should all the revenue be spent in the development of Benguluru?? any thouught????

Clangorous said...

@ Anonymous,
As per your information itself, Kannada is spoken as a native language by almost 65 % and in that same link it does not mention National Language of Karnataka , it says Official Language. Coming to Hindi... its spoken as a native language by around 30 % - 40 %, mind you most of other dialects like maithili, bhojpuri and n number of other languages have been wiped out because of Hindi Imposition. So that 30 % - 40 % would surely include other language people who did not have a choice but to succumb to Hindi as Central Govt is interested in promoting only Hindi and not other languages.

Also the percentage of native Kannada speakers would be much higher if we dont consider the floating/migrant population from all other states to Bengaluru and other border areas.

Still just because Hindi is spoken by higher number of people its undemocratic to give Hindi a National Language status.

Same way since Hindutva is the religion of majority of population,Can that be imposed as a "National Religion" on non-hindus ?.

Raw Mesh said...

@ Clangorous,

Good points. I'd word your last sentence differently:

"Same way since Islam is the religion of 10-15% of population, can that be imposed as a National Religion on non-muslims?"

Anonymous said...

@RawMesh n @Clangorous

Religion n language are two completely different things. One can live without follwoing any religion, not with language. Moreover, to commuicate with fellow citizen, one need common language , not a common religion.

So better come with some valid point to discuss further on this point.


Anonymous said...


First I wont agree that Central Govt spend just on promoting Hindi. If it is so, why it is spending money on promoting Classical languages of India. Hindi is not a classical language so all the grant for promoting classical language goes to non-Hindi language.
So I still hold on to my point that economics is driving promotion of Hindi as with just 20% of effort (Hindi n English), all the industries, including media n entertainment, are able to cater to 80% of India's literate population.

"Also the percentage of native Kannada speakers would be much higher if we dont consider the floating/migrant population from all other states to Bengaluru and other border areas."

Please note that above data on native speaker of kannada language is based on 1991 census when there was very little of IT in Bengaluru, so your point of migrant population to Bengaluru is not valid.

When Karnataka govt can impose Kannada on rest of 35% citizen of Karnataka who are not native speakers of Kannada, why should we raise our voice when Central Govt is trying to promote Hindi.


Raw Mesh said...

@ Anonymous,

The example of religion was given to make you understand that diversity has to be maintained. If you understand, you understand. If you don't, you don't.

You have no clue how much is spent on Hindi Imposition compared to how much is spent on Classical Languages. And besides, classical languages deserve the money. Hindi doesn't.

With regard to Karnataka imposing Kannada on 35% population - of course that should not happen.

പാറ്റ്സ് said...


You want a valid reason for Anti-Hindi? We don't need it, whereas we need the local language to live with the environment.

Hindi is the most useless shit in the world.

Anonymous said...

any other language is useless shit in the world outside the local its not the point we are discussing here. If you can't argue, better keep off from this blog.

Raw Mesh said...


Okay, what's "the point we're discussing here"? If you agree that all languages are useless shit in the world outside local environs, why is Hindi being imposed on Kannadigas?

Radha said...

The spending for classical languages began only after the year they got the status, unlike the spending on Hindi which has been for years. Whose funds are we getting? We are asking for a fraction of our own money. So the spending cannot be compared in value or the intent behind the promotion. Hindi is being imposed on non-hindi speaking states unconstitutionally. I am yet to come across any news that the funds for the classical southern languages are being used to promote the languages in the north. Why is that the outsiders who settle in states such as MP/UP do not speak about 'imposition' of hindi on the remaining % of non-hindi population? How is Karnataka any different in comparison?

We are at a sorry state where we need to promote Kannada in its own native land. Respect to the land that provides you with boundless opportunities/livelihood should come from within, whether migrant or native. If it does not, then the government ideally should interfere to promote, at least preserve, the richness of the culture of the state, the façade being the language. Are you terming the protection of the roots, preservation of culture imposition? Hindi can be mandatory in hindi-speaking states (promotion) and never outside (imposition). What do you have to say about Swiss that has four national languages and no common one? Can you explain why India cannot be compared with Swiss?

Clangorous said...

@ Anonymous,
Religion is as personal as one's language, no one would want imposition of religion or language which is not theirs'. Religion cuts across Languages and Language cuts across multiple religions. As Raw Mesh mentioned it was to give you a closest comparison about how people's personal choice should not be controlled or imposed.

Coming to classical languages getting grants (which Kannada is yet to get), it has a set amount ( guess around 100 Crores ) but as far as we know there is no limit on the amount spent on glorification and imposition of Hindi.

Looks like you don't know anything about the demography of Karnataka. Migrant population not necessarily be only from IT, Do you know how many Tamilians were bought during British rule to Bengaluru ? . MES (Madras Engineering Sappers)is a prime example for that and it was established in late 17th Century. So your 1991 census is almost 200 years after that. Do not forget the n number of DRDOs , PSUs like HAL, BEL, BEML, BHEL, NAL, NGEF, ITI etc etc which are there in Bengaluru and like-wise in other parts of Karnataka from ages. Do you know whats the percentage of locals/Kannadigas they employ ?, it would hardly be 10 %. So who are the rest 90 % ? . Mumbai and Bengaluru has been bombarded with migrants from ages.

Do you have any proofs on the economics you are talking about ? , there have been n number of articles on Karnatique itself which has clearly shown that Media and Entertainment have gained leaps and bounds by concentrating on the local demography. Simplest example would be the Radio listnership in Bengaluru, go figure yourself. When FM Radio Stations started initially in Bengaluru, they had your same assumption that promoting Hindi would be more profitable, alas what happened to that assumption ? , they got a fitting reply by the listenership of a Station which started promoting Kannada Songs. Gradually all the stations started focussing on promoting local language.

@ Raw Mesh and Anonymous :

"With regard to Karnataka imposing Kannada on 35% population - of course that should not happen" .

Common this is the most laughable statement , no other state in India has so much tolerance to migrants than Karnataka. Successive Governments of Karnataka have not even implemented Kannada as the sole Administrative Language. Instead they are bent upon promoting the crappy three language formula. So many people who have migrated years back have still not learnt to speak the local language, instead locals\even Tender Coconut sellers speak broken Hindi to appease the migrant population. Now the situation is so worse that first thing a shop vendor would speak to a customer would be either Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and even English. Do you call this forcing of Kannada on Non-kannadigas ?, Give us a break. Probably Kannadigas are one of those people who can speak multiple languages ignoring their own Mother-Tongue compared to other linguistic population. Unfortunately because of this, Kannada has taken a back seat in its own territory.

Coming to entertainment, Kannada film titles, songs probably have more foreign words than any other language films/songs. There are songs which contain words from multiple languages of the world, not just India. I can go on giving such examples, but it would be of no use to people who do not know any thing other than imposing a common language in the name of pseudo-nationalism, pseudo-patriotism.

Anonymous said...

@Clangorous, I agree to almost all your point. Also, please remember that all those PSUs which you talk about were setup by central govt whom we criticise for imposing Hindi. One of the reason for all these to be setup in karnataka was to make them safe from india's enemy countries. So, since it was a central govt project, anyone with indian citizenship are welcome to work in these companies. Second point is, Tamilian being brought to Bengaluru by Britishers so setup and develop the city. So if tamilians have worked hard for ages in building up the city, they have equal right on the city. But the reality is, we hate tamilian n tamil language. Why cant we also make Tamil as one of the official language in Karnataka. Also, there are large populations of Telugus speaking in our state who have been living here for centuries, still we dont recognige telugu as one of the co-official language. So if we cant maintain diversity in our own state, why should we expect the same from Central Govt.

Other point is, you urself talk about tender coconut sellers trying to speak in Hindi...why ?? its economics. Why most of the tele marketing calls come in english.. its again economics. Radio being in local may be one exception, more so there are cheap mp3 cds n player easily available, so most of the public rely on their choice of songs than the songs played by radio FMs.. Radio FMs are passes now..You can listen it only in the taxis. Its the era of iPod n slick PM3 players.. this might have forced Radio FMs to try to target taxis n buses.. I would appreciate if someone can publish the comparative radio listenership numbers for 3-4 years. Moreover, Music is beyond any language. So we should not bring it to language debate.

We also agree that Kanndigas are one of those people who speaks multiple language. Dont you think its an advantage for kannadigas. See what is happening to people from UP n BIhar. They cant speak anything than Hindi, and so are not been able to enjoy the fruits of economic growth. If we make Kanndigas learn just kannda, we will soon become one of the Bimaru state.

Kannada will become popular only when kannadigs take pride in speaking in Kannada. But the fact it, Kannadiga take pride in speaking any other language than Kannada. Time to change now. You will get respect only when you respect other n urself.
Jai Hind.

Jockey said...

@ Anonymous,

Oh yeah, sure the PSUs were set up in Karnataka to keep them away from external aggression, sure. But why was Hindi made one of the official languages in those PSUs, thereby giving an unfair edge to Hindi speakers? Why was the "useless shit" of Hindi hurled on Karnataka? Who said there is something more "Central Government-ish" to Hindi than any other language? Why wasn't it left as a free and fair procedure? The usual answer is that "Hindi is our language while English is not". That is bullshit - Hindi is not our language by any standards. In fact, English is more our language than Hindi is.

On your point about Tamils and Telugus living in Karnataka - they usually have no problem learning Kannada. Kannada is a Dravidian language which is easy for them to learn. It is only the Hindiwallahs who don't give a damn about Kannada. Besides, your argument that anybody the British install here in Karnataka starts getting equal rights here. If you get an electrician to repair your house, it doesn't mean he becomes part and parcel of your family. Mind it.

There is no need to make Tamil the official lang of Karnataka because there is already a state which has Tamil as the official language. Like that, if you see, there are millions of Kannadigas in Tamil Nadu - for e.g. the Badagas in Ooty. That way, one would have to make Kannada also an official language in Tamil Nadu. But all this is not the solution. The solution is to make sure that linguistically close-by groups come under the same state. In this way, the Nilgiris, much of South Maharashtra and North Kerala would have to become part of Karnataka. Of course, one will always have speakers of both languages in border areas in all states. Efforts must be done to include them in the mainstream, instead of giving official status to every language.

On your 'economics' stuff: Dude, first you impose Hindi on Karnataka, then export hordes of Hindi speakers to Bangalore, then you claim Hindi is the National language of India whereas Kannada is some sort of a language of a lesser god, and then give jobs to Hindiwallahs in preference to locals (because locals don't speak Hindi) - and then you call the rest as free-market economics??? Neat. This is like the Americans destroying the Red Indians and claiming that they have rights on America!

Dude, Kannadigas don't need your advise to become multilinguals. Hindi has been forced on us for decades now. You Hindiwallahs need to become multilinguals - start by learning Kannada in Karnataka!

Your last paragraph is all correct - yes, we do take pride in speaking Kannada and we'll not stop until Kannada becomes the chosen language for everything in Karnataka - even in central government offices and your PSUs. Hindi must die outside the Hindi belt. And it will.

Sanket said...

Kannada is spoken by more than 50% of the people in karnataka. Same is not true of Hindi in India.

Democracy is rule of the majority and for majority you need 50%.

Anonymous said...


Any one language had to be selected by central govt. There is no other way out or is there any? It sure can't be Kannada rt? central govt. needs to print a simple railway ticket in all the languages written in India and provide some kind of audible device for languages that are only spoken. Do you see the point here.. I think no.

Criteria for classical language is set by us. We can tweak that in any way to fit any language. So, if the argument presented in this blog has to be followed, we need to oppose any grants for any languages and no language can be promoted by govt. That is, no hindi as national language or kannada as Karnataka's state language etc.... but to say, hindi or any other language doesn't deserve this kannada/tamil etc does, is purely hypocritical.

Wat if govt. of India had to choose one religion for official purpose, say holidays for eg. wat wud u suggest? Hinduism, Christianity, islam or all the religions in India (which is like all religions of the world??)


Anonymous said...

@Ramesh Rao

A lot of things shoved on lot of ppl, for eg. kannada on Tulu, Konkani, Kodava etc, that shud also be bad rt?

Anonymous said...

@Titan, @Jockey,

Difference between language and dialect is too thin. Havyaka is dialect for you, language for me. Anybody who says Havigannada or havyaka is a dialect of kannada is a kannada stooge (similar to hindi stooge). Now, when can i expect karnataka govt. stop promoting kannada and give equal status to havyaka too? do u get the point :)


Anonymous said...


Not totally true. It may also mean who ever has highest numbers (tat's how we elect our representatives rt?)


Anonymous said...


Can u give solution? any solution? I mean, a person who only knows kannada is selected in IPS and sent to rural Bihar, tats wat you want?? The main proble here is, do not assume a fixed bounday to karnataka. lot of ppl will be moving in and moving out (like me). If they are not exposed to a single common language, how are things going to work? i am not saying hindi shud be that common language but does anybody have any solution?????


Anonymous said...


I see that lot of big words are used, like "equal status to mother tongue" etc.. can you tell me wat is the meaning? like physical meaning of that? As for as I know, we do have equal status.


Raj Kumar said...

Nice reply!!

Jockey said...

@ Adi

The difference between a dialect and a language, for your kind information, is not "thin". Please refer:

Havyaka is a dialect of Kannada not because I feel so. It is a dialect because linguists feel so. Please read:,

There are 3 solutions to your "IPS conundrum" : (1) keep Kannadiga officers in Karnataka, Bihari officers in Bihar., (2) Train any migrating officers to work in the language of the host state, (3) Use English. The solutions in my order of preference.

Besides, the system we're trying to build must not be for "Statistical Outliers" such as the trivial percentage of people who migrate from state to state. India is not a country of nomads.

Anonymous said...


Quote from above mentioned article -

"There are no universally accepted criteria for distinguishing languages from dialects, although a number of rough measures exist, which sometimes render contradictory results. The exact distinction is therefore a subjective one, dependent on the user's frame of reference."

Did you read the article yourself? if yes, I dunno how you interpreted this para. after this, another link you have given is irrelevant.

Can't you see the absurdities of all 3 options?
(1) Then it is no longer IPS but KPS or BPS etc (which exist by the way)
(2) LOL.. all officers have to learn like 100 languages and there is a 6 month training period for each posting.
(3) Use English????? Hindi - no, English OK????? how on the earth ppl in rural bihar or chattisghar will know english? I am curious to know, why do you think imposition of english is ok but not hindi?


Anonymous said...


Sorry for multiple reply.

Those are only stastical outliers if you consider only the ppl. But can you imagine when you include information (assuming all information has to be in some language) flowing in and out of the state, it is no longer trivial?


Jockey said...

@ Adi,

Yes, there are no universally accepted criteria for deciding what a dialect is. But by all linguists, Havyaka is considered as a dialect of Kannada. It's neither called a separate language as you choose to call it, nor as a dialect of say Marathi or Hindi. Please write to the authors on if you have further doubts on Havyaka being a dialect of Kannada.

No, I do not see the absurdities of the 3 options.

1) Every officer of the central govt. is going to be stationed in one or the other state, and whatever is required to serve the central govt can be found in that state as per this option.

2) Dude, we're challenging a system. Remove crappy assumptions such as reckless transfers from state A to state B.

3) Dude, English is okay because it's equally distant from everybody. Atleast, it won't create an unfair advantage to the speakers of one language. Why not Hindi? Because it does create an undue advantage for Hindi speakers. While you have no shame in asking how on earth people from UP and Bihar can learn English, you display nothing but pure Hindi Imperialism when you don't ask "how on earth people from Karnataka, TN, Andhra, Kerala,...can learn Hindi"!!!!!!!!!

As I said, my order of preference is 1->2->3.

Jockey said...

@ Adi,

There's a one-word answer for the confusion in your mind about information flow: translate.

Anonymous said...

English does not have any native speakers in India, there is not more that 15% indian who speaks English. Still we want to make it as link language.

English is never considerd as Indian language.

Jockey said...

@ Anonymous

Actually, I've heard that there are no more than 7% Indians who speak English well enough - on an average the same in all states (perhaps more in South). And nobody said English is an Indian language.

Now get this straight: English is closer to Kannadigas, Tamils, Telugus, Malayalees, Assamees, anybody but Hindiwallahs -- than the "useless shit" of Hindi (it's not my expression, one of your Anonymous cousins said that!).

Remember, nobody speaks Hindi in most Indian states, and secondly Hindi gives an unfair advantage to Hindiwallahs -- steals food from the mouths of Kannadigas, Tamils, Telugus, Malayalees, Assamees, you name them -- and gives them to Biharis, UPwallahs and other Hindi speakers. It's plain unfair.

As I've argued elsewhere, there is no need for a single link language at all. The European parliament works with the help of advanced translation and mediation technology. All the languages of Europe enjoy the status which Hindi enjoys in India today.

[BTW, is this you, Adi? -- Kiran, I think this Anonymous menace should stop. We can't have good discussions with Anonymouses around.]

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Clangorous said...

@ Adi,
Could not reply to your posts earlier, but my friend Jockey has done an excellent job in explaining you why Hindi should not be the sole official language of India.
English is a neutral language which everyone would have to learn from scratch, gives equal opportunities without giving undue advantage to one linguistic group.

Moreover, you have digressed too much from the points i have made. I have clearly pointed that whatever PSUs which were setup in Bengaluru never gave equal opportunities to the natives. PSUs were setup here because of the accomadating nature of Kannadigas, they could have set the same up at TN or Kerala as well which are much more down south. But no other state appeases the minority and ignores the majority like Karnataka as it always have been directly or indirectly governed by the so called National Parties, this is what your so called Central Government cashed in on for easier movements of their Hindians. They have already experienced the back-lash they got from TN when they tried imposing Hindi as the sole official language of India in 1962.

Just because British got the migrants to have their ends meet, we cannot ignore the natives for the migrants. British were pioneers in divide and rule, they bought them completely knowing the fact that Kannadigas and Tamilians have a histroy of differences between them. This is the same thing your so called Hindi-belt Central Government or for that matter so called National Parties are doing : minority appeasement to such a level that eventually majority becomes the minority/cornered on their own territory . To give a current example, BJPs Chinna Tambi appeasing the Tamilians in Bengaluru who then propogated his party on the border areas of Karnataka : Kollegala. BJP gained a foothold in Chamarajanagara district because of their minority appeasement in Bengaluru.

About your points on Central Officers being posted to other states than their own, its their duty to learn the language of the land if they have to function best. First of all , even countries like USA allow only limited immigration based on skills which are not present amongst their citizens. Its not the same with India, only a hand full of states which are progressed are being bombarded with migrants stealing the opportunities from a native who very much deserves the opportunity as most of the times all these institutions are setup by forcibly taking over the lands of the natives.

Parting Shot : Dravidian Languages are more Indian than Hindi cause they have originated, developed and existed in their territories from thousands of years where as Hindi is a very new language which basically has Indo-European roots and pretty much 90 % of it is Urdu/Persian which was never native to our land. So as a True Indian every non-hindian should oppose the imposition of a skewed language which doesnt have its roots in their territory.

Anonymous said...


You claim that Hindi is not spoken in majority of the states is not true. Hindi is official language in 10 states and has major presence in Gujrat , Maharastra,Punjab and Haryana. So almost all the states in north are linked with Hindi language. The only exception is four states in Southern India where there is no link language for majority of the population. If Gujrat and Maharastra can flurish and become most developed states without opposing Hindi, I am not sure what do you mean by "Hindiwalla" snatching jobs from non-Hindiwallah once Hindi becomes link language. Knowing a language does not gurantee a job, you need intelligence to match the job requirement.

Anonymous said...

Asaam govt is now encouraging Hindi in schools.

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