The Government Can!

Who can make Sanskrit sound like the saviour of the Kannadiga people? Who can spread the lie that it is Sanskrit and not Kannada in which lies the economic development of Kannadigas? Who can help perpetuate the lie that Kannada is not good enough to carry knowledge? Who can destroy Kannada and Kannadigas in the guise of national integration, and ask us to learn Sanskrit or better - Hindi instead? Who can make you feel that Sanskrit shlokas have all the science and technology that mankind has ever invented and will ever invent anywhere in the world? Who can waste everything we make to pay for all their "solutions"? Whose economics are fictitious? Who can make us - the ones who aren't already eating their dishes - eat our dishes? Who's power hungry and malicious, and can take your money and give it to some other guys - the Sanskritists and Hindiwallahs? Who can make the lives of Kannadigas hell?

The government can. And the government can 'cause they mix it up with lies and make it all taste good! Let's all feel good because the government says we should....".

Hats off to Tim Hawkins!

Video viewing suggestion: go ahead, jack up the volume! Remember that Uncle Sam is infinitely better than Hon. Chinna Tambi's government - but we believe you're smart enough to see the point, and have enough sense of humor to shake a leg at the video and the parallel with Karnataka!


Rajesh R said...

Maama loves you, we love you karnatique !

pallavi muralidhar said...

that's karnatique.. quick, witty and truely glocal !

Sandeep Ullal said...

who can take your money, with their twinkle in eye and give to Sanskrit Univ ??, Govt Can :)

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