Obama bows down to democracy. Will Singh?

In a few hours from now, US President Barack Obama is scheduled to address school children all over the US. The democratic process being how mature it is in the US, the Obama administration has had to mend its ways following widespread criticism of the intent and content of such an address.

As soon as news broke out about the proposed presidential address, many US institutions and people raised objections expressing concerns such as - is Obama trying to convert school children into being his junior lobbyists? Is he trying to indoctrinate children into believing the ideology of his party? Etc, etc. There was widespread opposition to some of the "pre-work" wherein students were apparently asked to write down what they'd do to support Obama. Many analysts and parents were outraged that children were not being allowed the choice of either supporting or not supporting Obama - in whatever he was scheduled to say! Ultimately, the Obama administration was forced to edit out some portions of the proposed "pre-work".

Remember that these were objections raised against the single most powerful human being on the planet. Obama had to bow down to the principles of democracy.

In the meanwhile, India prepares to celebrate the undemocratic imposition of Hindi on the whole of India on September 14th. Three score and two years have passed since India became independent, and the Central Govt. and schools all over India continue to indoctrinate Indians that Hindi is the language of a greater God - giving it names such as "National Language" and "Raj Bhasha" - and making them believe that it is the duty of all Indians to give Hindi speakers an unfair edge in obtaining jobs in banks, the railways, and central-government institutions all over India.

Is there a chance that Dr. Manmohan Singh follows Barack Obama in bowing down to that founding principle of democracy - unity in diversity - and shows he's got what it takes to rip Hindi off its exclusive status in India? Will Dr. Singh re-establish our faith in India being a democracy?


raj kumar said...

Nice Article!!

I checked the Karnataka state emblem and its written in hindi!! no trace of kannada it it


on the other hand tamil nadu emblem has only tamil no hindi

Akshaya said...

Dr. Singh himself is acting to the tune of Ms. Gandhi and it is less likely that he is going to bow to Democracy. Seems like Ms. Gandhi knows puppetry well although I did not see any such puppetry in Italy :)

Malayalam Defender said...

main problem of Hindi glorification is the Indian constitution, where it states that Hindi shall be promoted by the government. This is the evil line in the constitution which has to be completely destroyed by our unified forces.

Clangorous said...

@ rajkumar,
Its not Hindi in Karnataka's Emblem. It is Sanskrit, What else can you expect from Sanskrit obsessed Kannadigas ?. Felt really happy seeing the Tamil Nadu Emblem, atleast they have retained their self identity. Its high time we kannadigas relook at retaining our identity.

சுரேஷ் ஜீவானந்தம் | Suresh Jeevanandam said...

Alagiri left ‘speechless’ in Parliament, Somewhat related to the topic.


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