What not to learn from the Chinese

Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa went to China and ended up learning exactly that which should not be learnt from China: that Kannadigas should be punished for producing children. Also, to hold that this punishment should start from Karnataka is suicidal to Karnataka.

For those who care for facts and reality, the simple truth is - Karnataka does not have a population problem, as this projected population density data shows (census data available on Censusindia.net, collated into this graph by Banavasi Balaga):

Karnataka - represented by the left-most bar in each yearly group - is the least densely populated state in the pack, and there are no known signs of this changing any time in the future! So while it's true that states such as Kerala, Bihar, UP, West Bengal, etc have a population problem, Karnataka does not! So first of all, it's nonsensical to talk about punishing Karnataka for its population. Secondly, it is suicidal for any such nonsensical moves to start from Karnataka.

In fact, any such nonsensical move will not even have the desired-by-Yeddyurappa (but actually undesired) effect of a reduction in Karnataka's population, since that would only work as the lifting of a demographical-diffusion barrier for the people of more densely populated states, thereby encouraging migration from those states to Karnataka. So such a move would only end up reducing the Kannadiga population in Karnataka without reducing Karnataka's population growth - which should not be reduced in the first place!

Also, Karnataka's population density is not high even from international standards - as the following graph shows (2006 data from Wikipedia):
As can be seen, Karnataka's population density is between that of Germany and Israel. It certainly does not stick out as a "problem child". So - the point is clear that Karnataka does not have a population problem.

To say that Karnataka has a population problem is to be suicidally blind to facts. It is once again to look at India as a whole devoid of any diversity in any sense - even though data and common-sense show otherwise. This doesn't come as a surprise to anybody who sees the fact that our politicians celebrate "unity in diversity" only on paper. When it comes to actual implementation and understanding of India's problems, all that is washed away by a flood of ignorance.

What then is Karnataka's problem? Why aren't we as developed as say Germany or Israel? The problem is of education - in which Karnataka lags behind the developed countries of the world.

For starters, Mr. Yeddyurappa should look at some basic data before coming to nonsensical conculsions. It is Mr. Yeddyurappa's business to worry about Karnataka's population, yes, but not that of other states in India. Those are none of his business. It is stupid to think of the whole of India, shed a few tears and start coming up with disastrous solutions which can only end up nipping Kannadigas in the bud for no fault of theirs. Need we say anything more about Mr. Yeddyurappa's and his party's reality avoidance and the inability of our politicians in general to focus on the real problem - that of education?

Mr. Yeddyurappa doesn't have his facts right. For this fault, would you like to refrain from reproducing? Should Kannadigas in general refrain from reproducing? Should they be punished for producing more than 2 children? The answer is an emphatic NO! What's even more worrisome is - that this is just a sneak preview of the dangers of giving the future of Karnataka in the hands of ignorant and opinionated politicians.

For further reading, we'd like to refer you to Prof. Amartya Sen's analysis of China's coercive birth control methods and their uselessness as well as the importance of education (although he gets it wrong on which language is best for implementing that education).


Chaddi said...

does he wants lesser kannadigas on the planet?

Dheemaku said...

Karnataka has maintained a stable population growth all these years. Do politicians gie a damn to look at the stats before they advise people not to PRODUCE.

Is the "chinna tambi" the CM of the state or the PM of India?

Rohith B R said...

Because BJP politics seems to be hinged upon minority (vote-)bank building, it becomes evident that BJP wants smaller factions of all types in existence in its jurisdictions. Now if Kannadigas were to "grow" to become one clear majority in Karnataka, all its "investments" into minority appeasement in KAR state would go waste, wont it? And what else would parties like BJP be left with to tweak the democracy around us?
That said, I personally feel this is a calculated move, and a lesson well-learnt by Yeddy to continue ruling this state, and well into darkness, for all our misfortune :(

ಕುಮಾರ said...

I personally feel it as good move.

The rule should be implemented all over India. Why can't Karnataka is the first one to implement and be role model for other states.?

Jockey said...

achchu, you want to know why? because of what the article says. did you care to read it?

Subrata Nandi said...

Basic problem is vote bank ,illiteracy above all political opportunism. As this article says density of population ,west bengal density is because of huge number of people from Bihar,UP, MP and Rajasthan came for their bread and butter simultaneously due to partition of bengal ,Bengal suffered a refugee problem that does not happen to other states . As per census report India suffered a population problem due rapidly increasing population in Bihar,UP,MP and of a particular community in the name God. If population is controlled strictly and rapidly in United Bihar,UP,MP and Rajasthan automatically Indian population will be controlled but not possible due to vote Bank. Above all in West Bengal not possible because Hindi speakings are decisive factor.

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