Are natives any less Indian?

E RAGHAVAN of the DNA makes an oft-made claim in the English media that the locals vs. migrants argument must be eliminated. There are huge mistakes in Mr. Raghavan's understanding of India and its problems, and his analysis and conclusions are at best childish. If implemented, his recommendations will end up destroying India.

Firstly, the author does not quote any rhyme or reason why the natives vs. migrants argument should be eliminated. Why should it be eliminated? What are the implications of eliminating this argument? Has he given any thought to what sort of an argument this is, in reality? I refuse to use the world locals; the word natives is a more accurate representation because these people are the original inhabitants of the states - like the Red Indians of America. Trying to eliminate the Red Indians vs. Europeans argument is nothing but legalizing imperialism and the use of force and governmental machinery to eliminate human diversity. Yes, it has been legalized and the United States of America is now erected. Yes, the Red Indians have been sent to their graves together with their cries for justice. But is that license for the same crime to be repeated in India? Should India be built on the graves of nearly a billion native Indians who live in their own states, graves which resonate with muted cries for justice, liberty and equality?

Please note that I am not against the admixture of the different peoples of India at a cultural level - in celebration of the spirit of Tagore's societies. In fact, such admixture is beneficial to all. What I am against is the entry into these matters of the Indian Nation with its skewed political and commercial interests and the consequent harm done to the native inhabitants of India's states. It is when the wrongly defined Indian Nation enters the scene that organic evolution turns into forced juxtaposition, cooperation and harmony into non-cooperation and hatred. I have argued earlier that the very concept of Nation need not be ulterior; we at Banavasi Balaga dream of a truly federal Indian Nation where life and liberty are upheld in all participating states. The Indian Nation need not be wrongly defined.

The political and commercial interests of the Indian Nation today are skewed for three reasons: (1) because the Indian constitution itself accords a higher status to the speakers of Hindi and languages close to Hindi, and (2) because the central government is not truly federal in nature, and (3) because of rampant corruption in politicians who operate from the Indian parliament - politicians from both the Hindi states and the non-Hindi states. No system of politics or commerce has the right to dislodge the native inhabitants of a state or snatch away their right to life and liberty, to education and employment. Yet, Indian politics and commerce today have been granted the right to indulge in this crime. Biharis being paid handsomely by the the Govt. of Bihar to migrate to Bengaluru the night before the interview to obtain jobs in the Railways is not the mating dance of two well-meaning societies intending to develop ideals in cooperation with one another! It is a perfect example of the greedy Nation goading neighbouring societies in greed of material wealth (in the case of India, the goading is internal and the greed is of a sub-nation, that's all)! This is not right or ethical from any established definition of right and ethical.

Secondly, it is utter disregard for the interests of the masses, together with a flawed idea of India which drives people like Mr. Raghavan to prioritize the unreasonable whims and fancies of migrants over the rights of natives. Why should political and commercial systems be built which prioritize the unreasonable whims and fancies of migrants over natives? Who said only migrants are real Indians? Who said natives are Indians of a lesser God? In reality, these migrants - who form a trivial percentage and who must form a trivial percentage in non-barbarian, non-nomadic countries - are the fringe, and the native inhabitants of India's states are the non-fringe or the core.

While people like Mr. Raghavan feel they're contributing to India's unity by dancing to the whims and fancies of migrants at the cost of the rights of the natives (possibly because of being migrants themselves), they are in reality only aiding to the disintegration of India and unknowingly becoming signatories to the very crime committed by Europeans in the USA about two to three centuries ago. They are unknowingly becoming party to the crime of forced juxtaposition and endangering the process of organic evolution. The way to unite India is not by legalizing ethnic crime. The way to unite India is not to position migrants as children of a greater God and natives as children of a lesser God.

Again, I am not against migration in general. There is nothing wrong in migration which is free from systemic/political/constitutional encouragement or the sanction of a polluted Nation (to use Tagore's terminology), where the interacting groups themselves uphold or reject whatever is perceived as worth upholding or rejecting - even in the realm of commerce (Tagore wouldn't license commerce like me here, though). However, what I am completely opposed to is the use of governmental machinery to accelerate the forced juxtaposition of one people on another. I am against the use of governmental machinery to legalize the upholding of the whims and fancies of migrants over the rights of natives. Anyone thinking with a clean mind ought to be against it, too. After all, India is not just its trivial migrant population. Systems of governance, education and employment which are detrimental to the natives and beneficial to migrants are not worth building.

Natives aren't any less Indian. Nor are migrants any more Indian. However, a flawed idea of India and disregard for the native masses and the diversity therein can turn anybody into a non-Indian, even anti-Indian.

Note: I will post a follow-up article on Mr. Raghavan's statements about the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (I believe this is what he means, not Kannada Rakshana Vedike as referred to by him) and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and his two "solutions" for eliminating the natives vs. migrants argument - an argument which I have shown should not be eliminated at all. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

All Kannadigas must read this.! Specially Bengaluru Kannadigas.

Priyank said...

Mr Raghavan wants the division of states into city states.
The division criteria is on the lines of economic success of the place. Hence, it can be concluded that Mr Raghavan wants rich places to be separate states than the non-rich places.
What an idiotic and destructive idea that is!
Its really sad that such divisive minded people are given prime space in national dailies.

Kishore said...

I wonder why do the English media are against natives in their own land, or do they think that this land doesn't belong to natives anymore?

I guess migrants are gaining foothold everywhere and even in the media and media is capable of turning Bengaluru in to Mumbai.

elango said...

it is bad to oppose others comming in as kannadigas are going out to get a new life.after all we accept india as one we should not differesiate amoung ourself.we are not smart enouugh to be independent.still we blieve we need others for our we should think of india not karnataka.

clangorous said...

@ elango,

Enlighten Us if Karnataka is outside of India

elango said...

as long as karnataka is a part of india,it should not oppose other state people comming in and having their is not correct to ask others to lose their are opposing hindi people because they have consitutional why are you opposing innosent tamils who don't have such power.

Anonymous said...

@elango ...

Karnataka does have right to decide who comes into the state and who is not.

Constitution provides enough scope for it. Please see labour laws of Kerala and Orissa which prevents aliens to work. Similarly just check about Manipur!

Innocent Tamils? Yes. They are very innocent when they prevent Kannada Badagas from writing there language in Kannada script. They are very innocent in dumping Srilankan Tamils in Nilgiri. They are very innocent when went rampage against Kannadas, Hindis and Malayalis. They are very innocent when they asked for separate country! They very innocently formed LTTE and blasted around in Srilanka. Now they are most patriots.!

Kannadas were very cruel when gave lots donation during Tsunami. Kannadas are cruel because they accommodate so much immigration to Karnataka, specially Bengaluru .How much did TN give when Karnataka has floods?

elango said...

@ maaya i don't say kannadigas are cruel.srilanka is a different is irrelevent here.answer me whether you want the right to migrate to other states or not.if you say yes then your attitude to oppose others comming in is are not smart enough to say karnataka is want the benifits of the right to emigrate but deny the right to you justify this attitude.

Anonymous said...


I don't want people to immigrate to my state. Similarly I don't want to migrate to a place where natives are opposing immigration.

I will not migrate to TN, even in dreams, so I wish, Tamils not to come to my state like many of my Kannada friends.

wady said...


people like u only dividing the country. be like a frog in the well, don't come out. But u will show interest to go to USA,UK and other countries to work. Think about the flood situations what happened now, and u will go and beg for foods, no other state will come and help you. Bangalore developing because of other state people only, if they told we are not interested to settle in bangalore all companies will vacate and go to other states. Those states wont allow dogs like u.

don't come to TN we are not welcoming u, if u got disease also sit inside your home. don't go for treatment in other states which is having very good Hospitals or other countries they will kick u.

Live and Let Live

Anonymous said...


At last the true Tamil culture emerges.. and IT calls ITself INDIAN... IRONY :)

I wouldn't come to TN. Don't worry.!

"Bangalore developing because of other state people only, if they told we are not interested to settle in bangalore all companies will vacate and go to other states. Those states wont allow dogs like u."

:D. I am a Kannadgia of Bengaluru. I don't want to go anywhere else. I want all the companies which have only progressed, only because of the other state IMMIGRANTS to vacate today and specially the Tamil majority ones. Leave now you SLUMIANS.

It is better to be frog in its own well than a Enjal-naayi :D.

wady said...

frog in a well

Used to describe a situation or individual who cannot or refuses to see the big picture because of being sheltered and/or closed minded. This is the opposite of a frog in a field.
You have no idea what skills are required, as you have been a frog in a well for the last 30 years, stuck in the same old job with the same old skills. I have been a frog in a field jumping from job to job learning a vast amount of skills you have no idea about.

elango said...

@ maaysa
if your words are geniune and not for the argument i appreciate you as a good kannadiga.but i am sorroy to say the vast majority of kannadigas [not immigrants]are not with you.they want better future and go to where ever they can get it.

Anonymous said...

@Indian :D

What I am a frog in MY OWN WELL. I am not a beggar in others land where the native look down upon me.

Great Tamils got very good treatment in Srilanka, Malayasia, and Bengaluru from the natives. May be they deserve that. :D

Read my statements clearly. Kannadas hardly went to a place where native opposed them. As soon as Kannadas saw signs of native opposition they changed. Today Maharastra which has huge Kannada population doesn't oppose Kannada immigration. Even Raj Thackery never mentions Kannadas. Because Kannadas by nature are adjusting.

Hence we Kannadas hardly go to a place where we are looked down. But Tamils? :D

I support Kannadas migrating to US, Europe or anywhere we are not looked down.

By the by, I am expressing my views in a forum FOR KANNADIGAS and about KANNADA. Not in any Tamil site.. So I stick to my philosophy of sticking to my home, not going to others house and puking :D

elango said...

@maaysa have you ever asked europe whites and u.s whites whether they are welcomming asians.though u.s and australia are contries of immigrants they hate new immigrants.why indians are targeted in australia?bloger have to answer whether they want interaction with the rest of the world or not.

Anonymous said...


In Australia, they targeted people from specific states of India just like Malayasia and Srilanka. I am not concerned about all of the states of India.

As for as US and Europe, I don't see any problem. For your information I keep visiting US and at present is at Europe.

Moreover.. I need not justify why I don't want aliens in my land to an alien. It is my wish. You too have that right to say that "Kannadas dont come to TN". I welcome that and respect that.

clangorous said...


Well Said....

@ elango

Maharashtra Elections have proven Kannadigas adapting nature...
5 Kannadigas have won ... Do you think marathis voted for them for being immigrants ?... they voted for them because of their adaptation to the local land where they have immigrated

elango said...

@ clangorous that is good kannadigas also elect marathees,hindians and tamils in return to karnadaka assembly.if you are not ready you are fooling maratees or thouse who are ellected are not real kannadigas.

clangorous said...

@ elango,
I did not get what you are trying to convey... the very reason I gave example of Maharashtra elections is to prove that Kannadigas adapt to the places they immigrate to.. which is hardly seen with other linguistic groups who immigrate to Karnataka

elango said...

@ clagrorus persanaly i feel it is bad for any community.evry one should try to maintain their identity.this doesn't mean we have to reject the loacal culture.after all an immigrant came for earing for assimilate immigrants one should have better policies like urope.there you can't get voting rights with out passing the languague of the country.

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