When wrong hands control taps

KINGSHUK NAG has a revealing piece in the Times of India today. According to him, an important reason for the disastrous floods this time is that the keys to water resources lie in the hands of ignorant and corrupt politicians in the three states involved: Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh - politicians who don't realize the impact their excursions outside the limits of ethics have on human life and property. Kingshuk Nag's article reconstructs the events leading to the floods and the role played by these politicians.

In short, Nag's thesis is that the politicians force their states to collect unreasonable amounts of water in the dams without realizing that they're storing death in liquid form with sufficient potential energy to wipe off entire civilizations. And when it rains heavily and the dams cannot hold the water any more, they have no option but to release the water. There is no question of collaboration between states in working out a release plan since action must be taken immediately.

So, while the rain water could have simply flown to the sea, ignorant and corrupt politicians holding the keys to dams in the river's path can create floods which kill hundreds of human beings, destroy lakhs of acres of crop and render thousands homeless.

Yes, I wouldn't blame God for this at all. He gave us water when we needed it most and where we needed it most. It took brain-dead and corrupt mis-users of power to convert that very water into poison. Another feather in the cap of Indian politics. This is, if you will, the forced juxtaposition of water accelerated by corrupt political machinery. While water would have organically flown to the sea, it took a corrupt political machinery to force-juxtapose it in the flood-affected areas. While man and water can generally evolve a relationship of cooperation and harmony, it took politics to convert it into non-cooperation and hatred.

No, I don't mean we shouldn't have dams. I mean - we shouldn't have those ignorant, brain-dead, corrupt politicians. And no, I don't mean we shouldn't have politicians in general. I mean - those politicians shouldn't be ignorant, brain-dead and corrupt.


Nivesh said...
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Kishore said...

It is said that Government is committed to the linking of rivers in India soon. Imagine what havoc the brain-dead and corrupt politicians will bring on to the people of India if this works out.

Anonymous said...

But who elected those ignorant, brain-dead and corrupt people? because of religion, caste and other brilliant reasons?

I am proud be belonged to the largest democratic nation in the world.. Hurray! Victory to thy ruler of all our minds!

kk said...

kiraNaa, idann odu:
Some common fallacies about floods and flood management

Some common fallacies about floods and flood management
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