BREAKING NEWS: New Delhi to divide and rule the Telugus

Today is a dark day for the Telugu people, for democracy, for federalism, for India, for everything that is good.

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram announced shortly after midnight (that is, early this morning) that "the process of formation of Telangana would be initiated by moving a resolution in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly".

While the two-tongued project this new state as a democratic aspiration of the people of Telangana, it should be clear to the sane that it is none of that crap. All this is nothing but one deplorable political drama, complete with fasting and restraint from shaving, enacted by power-hungry politicians. Okay, one saint called K. Chandrashekhar Rao who will soon return to his humble hut and resume his spiritual ascent to Nirvana coupled with sublime spiritual teachings, and whose death by any other means is a great loss for mankind as a whole.

The sane should not forget that after all, a shorter route to New Delhi is not a means to economic progress. The density of politicians in an area does not determine the economic growth of a people. Yet, this is what Telangana is going to become.

Of course, thanks to the existence of this thing called India, no artificial trade or cultural barriers will be set-up between the Telugu people in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh; only a new set of power-mongers will get to suck Telangana dry. Telugus will still be able to move freely between the two states, and engage in peacetime activities as ever before.

The real means of economic progress of the Telugus - whether they're in Telangana or in Andhra Pradesh - do not involve politicians having no means at their disposal but to beg funds from New Delhi with the agenda of filling their own coffers. New Delhi is no bottomless pit of wealth either. The real means involve things such as education. And again, this education has to be based on the Telugu language to achieve any decent success. That is something neither the earlier nor the new political structure is poised to deliver.

The creation of this new state is also a blow to the evolution of India as a true democracy - which is to become a truly federal country. The more divided the people are, the easier for the center to rule - yeah, it's the old British trick of divide and rule. To political parties at the center (especially the BJP), a divided Telugu people are easier to govern. After all, the Telangana state is being created on the basis that New Delhi shall adopt the tens of millions of Telugus in poverty, right? Beggars can't be choosers; those who have begged for a Telangana state neither have the right nor the ability to choose the right means of development of the Telugu people therein - of which foremost is the erection of the Telugu language as the single most important development tool. Instead, the Union government will be happy to intensify Hindi Imposition and do everything to retain the Telugus of Telangana as impoverished as possible in order that a strong center can continue to be. This fits in nicely with the anti-federal stance of the BJP, and the pro-strong-center stance of the Congress.

Everybody - meaning every politician - gains from Telangana. It is only tens of millions of Telugus who lose. Ah - who cares a shit?

One and only one thing can save the Telugus from being wiped off the face of this planet, amidst the devil of their own corrupt political class which has just made a copy of itself and the deep sea of a strong center at New Delhi. And that is for the Telugu people to organize themselves outside the twin political harems - one in Andhra Pradesh and one in Telangana - and work out the real means of economic progress of the Telugu people. The Telugus are one people irrespective of the political trafficking, the political dealings which corrupt, ignorant, spineless, double-tongued, power-hungry politicians work out.

May reason reign in the Telugu people! May they realize that a divided Telugu people are a weaker Telugu people! May they realize that a divided Telugu people are smaller, easier-to-eat morsels for New Delhi! May they realize that these slimy politicians cannot bring them anything but more poverty! May they realize that real education is the only way out, and that these spineless creatures cannot bring them that!

Photo courtesy: The Hindu


Mahanteshwar said...

points well brought out. The reason for the creation of Telengana is not the economic development of the region, but lust for power and craving to loot the people.

This division is only strengthen the imposition of Hindi in the country. Also this migth strengthen the demands of separate state for North Karnataka and Kodagu :-(

ತಿಳಿಗಣ್ಣ said...

Sorry, I disagree..

Telengana is in need. Those people have enough of the bullying south Andra people.

Andhra pradesh is a very big state and this move helps for better and improved administration.

I hope same to happen with UP, Maharashtra and WB.

ಪಕ್ಕದ ಮನೆ ಹುಡುಗಾ ! said...

Real way to progress of any ethnic race in this planet is education in their language and that education leading to empowerment, both financially, socially. With a devided Andhra, the dreams of having a strong education system in telugu will get a death blow.

Kannadigas have to make sure that, they voice for the concerns of every single kannadiga in karnataka. Be it north, south, kodagu, coastal KA.. We should make sure that we remain one.

The quality of life of Kannadigas who are having to contend with underdevelopment in Karnataka – whether north or south – can improve only at the dawn of appreciation for the pressing need for the unity of Kannadigas in every walk of life including politics. Any thought process which divides them makes them that much weaker.

Further, it’s absolute naivete to think Kannada will be fine (and reach its crowning glory?) with a Karnataka divided. Please ponder over the fact that before the installation of the Karnataka state of today by the great sacrifices and struggle of people like Alura Venkata Rao and others, Kannadigas in the various pieces of Karnataka had such a high inferiority complex that they trembled at the thought of their tongues uttering words in their own mother tongue.

A divided Karnataka is death for Kannadigas. This much is certain.

elango said...

next demand is divide india again on religus multiple musleme state demand will arise.india's new policy is be divided and fight amoung us.who can stop them when they are doing it for more power at delhi and distroy the state languagues growth.

செந்திலான் said...

//Union government will be happy to intensify Hindi Imposition //

Its absolutely meaningless where the AP accepted hindi without any resistance

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