Telangana: it's on, it's off; it's on, it's off; it's...

Sure enough, the Govt. of India has put the formation of a new Telangana state on cold storage. Of course, the new move is not motivated by a sudden stroke of realization of the cost of politically bifurcating the Telugus, but because of more political nonsense. P. Chidambaram announced yesterday that the new move is motivated by new developments after the announcement to create a new state was made:
At an all-party meeting on December 7, 2009, convened by chief minister K Rosaiah consensus emerged on Telangana. A statement was made on December 9 on behalf of the government of India on receipt of the minutes of the meeting. After the meeting, the situation in Andhra Pradesh has altered. A large number of political parties are divided and there is need to hold wide-ranging consultations with all parties and groups. The government of India will take steps to involve all concerned in the process.
Now, what developments can happen in two weeks which can decide the fate of 76 million people either this way or that way, other than the vulgar noises of petty politicians working out the net impact to their pockets and high-commands working out the net impact to their political domination in the two possible scenarios? It's good that political parties are divided on the issue of Telangana. But are they divided for the right reasons? The answer is an emphatic no.

Sometimes, out of a sheer quirk of fate, the actions of the Unreasonable tend to carry a tinge of Reason. But we know that this is not the dawn of Reason; this is but an illustration of the fact that the more divided the Unreasonable are, the less the chance of Unreason prevailing. What is most frightening is that the fate of the Telugus is so precariously positioned in the hands of such Unreasonable people. It could swing either way for no Reason!


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