What if the theory of global warming is all false?

What if, as people like Patrick J. Michaels believe, the whole theory of global warming is all false and therefore the global economy being a zero-sum game is incorrect? Simple: the conference at Copenhagen should be declared null and void. But there are no signs of the conference being declared null and void any time soon. Hence, in this article I analyze the case where the theory is untrue and unscientific, but the conference is held anyway, with no player questioning the validity of the theory itself (for reasons best known to them). The case where the theory is true and scientific and where the conference is held (the likely one in my opinion, for what my opinion is worth) was analyzed in the previous article.

In this new case, I would state the obvious that it's even more criminal to impose emission cuts on developing countries. What should developing countries such as India do in this new case? The same thing as they should in the first case: they cannot and must not cut carbon emission unless they are compensated in time and money by those who have overtaken them in economic development and goad them with greed of material prosperity, since they are not even at the level of sufficiency. After all, why should anybody not maintain that feeding the hungry today is infinitely more important than the safety of this planet? Why should developing states waste time and money on cutting down carbon emission when that time and that money is better invested in economic development? That is, why should developing countries also not continue to further their own self-interests and expect Adam Smith's invisible-hand to take care of the planet?

All this is proof that matters such as the safety of the planet cannot be decided entirely on self-interest driven invisible-hand thinking. There is such a thing called ethics, and there is such a thing called as yagna, there is such a thing called as sufficiency, and there is such a thing called as principles. It is these that anybody discussing about the safety of the planet needs to base his or her arguments on.

And by the way, if you're thinking why we're talking about climate change on KARNATIQUE, the answer is: this is the world in which Kannadigas live. This is the world in which Kannadigas need to live. This is the world in which Kannadigas need to emerge winners. We cannot and must not accept the false philosophies of errant states intoxicated with material comfort - even if our bodies are emaciated with hunger. We need to stand for the truth even if the opponent is the mightiest of them all.


Bharath S B said...

I don't agree with the author's view that India should not cut Carbon emissions. I even couldn't understand on what reasons the author has come to such a conclusion. Ask the citizens of Bangalore / Mysore if the increased Carbon emissions in the past years have been good for their health. Imagine a kind of disaster that North Karnataka faced recently, repeating several times due to climate change. Not reducing Carbon emissions could only cost India millions of lives, 16% of GDP by 2030 and reduced economic development as explained in http://probebusiness.blogspot.com/2009/12/india-on-reducing-carbon-emissions.html

ತಿಳಿಗಣ್ಣ said...


Just go thru it. A thought..

I too don't believe global warming is not a big problem for India. Obviously countries near the poles need to worry but they are less inhabited.

India cannot afford to stop or hamper its growth based on this so claimed theories.. China doesn't care to these and so must we.

Global warming is a just unproven theory, may be designed to control developing countries. Gosh knows these western ideas and tricks!

The number one carbon dioxide emitted is US not India or China.!

-Mahesh, Stockholm, Sweden.

Bharath S B said...

"Obviously countries near the poles need to worry but they are less inhabited"
If the poles are melting, then the sea level in the entire world is raised. It is a cause of concern for everyone. In India, West Bengal would be in big trouble, so also parts of Karnataka. Wouldn't this hamper the economic growth of India?

The observations around the whole world suggests that Global warming is happening. Trees growing higher up on the mountains, birds changing their migration patterns, springs coming earlier.. all together suggest that earth is getting warmer. Check the below link.

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