If 1,00,000 < 328, the English Media is Right

It's a pity our friends in the English media have become such baavi kappegal* that they assume that the English Medium CBSE education system is equivalent to the nation's education system, as Vineeta Pandey assumes in her DNA story here. So let's have the the data speak for itself.

According to the 2008-9 CBSE Annual Report, there are only 328 CBSE schools in Karnataka (see pg. 113). Contrast this with the more than 1 lakh schools affiliated to the Karnataka State Department of Education, and it's easy to see how wrong the English media is. In Karnataka, Kannada medium schools attract 82% of the total number of schoolchildren, and 77% of all the schools in Karnataka are directly run by the Govt. of Karnataka (a further 6% run from Govt. aid). Only 8% schoolchildren go to English medium schools in Karnataka.

(click on picture for a high-res graphic)

The above makes it clear that the Central Government plays no significant role in the education system of Karnataka. Nor do English medium schools, nor does the CBSE board, nor do private schools in general. This is the story of pretty much every other state of India, too. Hence, the nation's education system is everything but what the English media tells you it is!

Can someone tell me what makes the English media believe that 1,00,000 is less than 328? How did 328 come to define the nation's education system and how did 1,00,000 come to be neglected in the nation's education system? 

Is this only arithmetic dysfunction or the propaganda of an unholy nexus? Or is this just a case of what the English media prefers were the case because CBSE schools are basically English medium schools whose children would tend to read English newspapers which they sell? In any case, shall we request that data be considered holier?

*Note: baavi = well, kappegalu = frogs (I've eliminated the usual "u" from "kappegalu" so that "kappegal" and the next word "that" can form a Kannada-English sandhi, making it easier to read, as happens in Kannada speech). The term baavi kappegalu connotes frogs in the well which believe that the well is all there is to the world.


Anonymous said...

Good Article..

But why Karnataka has so less English medium schools? Tamil Nadu has a lots of English medium schools and they teach only two languages!

After seeing this statistics, I think, we need to put effort to have more English education in Karnataka.

Bhadra said...

Propaganda of a unholy nexus, more like it.

When asked they have trite answers, like, "Oh the coolie's son needs English. Kannada (substitute any vernacular language here) is useless."

When you point out the examples of Europe, China or Japan their glib response is, "Oh, that's because they love their languages more..." Try that line in the Maharashtra Legislature.:)

This unholy nexus of the usual suspects has been playing silly buggers for years. Their time cometh...

Mayasandra Raja said...

The government and the people should take initiative to make children join the schools run by the government so that the people who think that 328 schools are better will learn a lesson from us. Let the Central Government give back the education priority back to State Governments so that we ourselves can decide what language we should study.

Santhosh said...

We should get education in our own language and the central government should hand over the education profile to states

lakki said...

karnataka should go to 2 language learning system.. Kannada and English. All schools including ICSE and CBSE should compularily teach Kannada as a subject, even if they are english medium schools. this way all future citizens of this state would learn to read and write the language of the state. The same should be followed in all linguisitic states.

elango said...

@ lakki, good .knnada and english ;not english and kannada.it is very important.after all we are now able to understand the importance of our languague.

Sumon said...

I am a bengali recently transferred to Bangalore. Can anyone refer me some guides or online materials to learn kannada? I have downloaded the guide provided by Banavasi Balaga and almost finished studying. I need some more guides and references. Appreciate your feedback...

ಪಕ್ಕದ ಮನೆ ಹುಡುಗಾ ! said...

Hi Sumon,
This should help you

Also refer to www.kannadainfomedia.com

Phantom said...

English media is just carrying the legacy from the colonial India blindly. It cares less about Innovation & Invention or thinks that Innovation & Invention can be done only by learning in English (as a medium). It assumes that serious impediment is caused by studying in Mother tongue (as a medium). And of course, as mentioned by Kiran, it wants to expand its "Reader base".

All these assupmtions and business greed is bolstered by the fact that Education rests with the Centre and not with the State.

Once this changes a turn table might happen.

- Ramesh Rao

ತಿಂಡಿ_ತಿನಿಸು said...

Hi Suman,

There are few advanced level classes that are being conducted at Hosmat Hospital which is next to Football stadium. These classes are usually held during weekends. You may approach them and get more info.


Jai Veerupaksha said...

Pls check if there is an informal initiative in your organisation to teach Kannada. A lot of such initiatives are actually happening in many firms across BengaLuru.

You could check out with your HR if they have one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sumon said...

Thanks for your suggestions, guys. I found www.kannadainfomedia.com especially helpful. I checked with the HR of my company and I didn't feel they were interrested at all. What I don't understand is that the few localites (kannadigas) in my team always converse with me in Hindi, even if I try to speak a few words in kannada, I am greeted with a smirk...thankfully one of them at least suggested me this website. I didn't check the weekend classes, as I am somewhat busy with some work or the other during the weekends. Anyways, thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Sudhanva G said...

Hi Sumon,

When two telugus meet, they speak in Telugu;
When two Tamils meet, they speak in Tamil;
When two Bangalis meet, they speak in Bengali;
When two marathis meet, they speak in Marathi;
but when two Kannadigas meet, they speak in English or Hindi.

I hope you got some clarification.


Bharat Dhanu said...

English Medium schools are not required any where in India.

Schools should only be run in respective state languages.

This will bring equality in Education system.

However I do not propose to scrap English. Rather English should be taught from grade one in the schools.

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