Help make Karnatique better!

It's been a couple of years since Banavasi Balaga embarked on this ambitious project - Karnatique. From day one, authorship for Karnatique has been open to the entire world, and we still have the "Want to write for/to Karnatique? Send us a note" on the sidebar on the extreme right. However, I am still waiting for writers to show up.

How can we fix that? Ideas?

One of the things where I've probably fallen short is in clarifying the theme of the blog. But there really wasn't much clarity till now (!). I guess Karnatique is now becoming a blog focused mainly on Federalism and Mother-tongue education. These are obviously not themes relating to Kannadigas alone; in fact, these are universal themes. I'm open to changing the sub-title from "A critique of the world in which Kannadigas live and let live" to something which reflects the developing clarity of focus.

Hey, come on, write for Karnatique! Help it grow! Help make it better!

Of course, all articles will be edited for conformance to the theme and clarity of presentation. Writers will need to commit to at-least 2 articles per month. Okay, you know what? Each article will be paid for. One rupee per article, and payments will be made in units of hundred rupees.

Now please come forward to write! Email me to get started.


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