An interactive map is worth a thousand words

Here's an interactive map of India which color codes states according to the percentage of migrants living in the state. The map is created using Google Geomap Visualization using data from Census 2001. UTs and Delhi have a very large density of migrants (mostly because they were formed by taking areas from neighbouring states and of course because of higher central presence) and have been excluded from this map in order to show the more meaningful differences - the differences between states.

Remember that the definition of a migrant here is a person born in "states beyond the state of enumeration". If you consider the fact that Uttaranchal has 10.13% migrants, it might just be that most of them were born in Uttar Pradesh before the state split into the new Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Or it could well be migrants from nearby states such as Himachal Pradesh, Haryana or Punjab. The Census website does not have data on where the migrants came from (atleast, I couldn't find it); it just says how many came from other states.

At an all India level, Goa (16.98%) has the highest percentage of migrants, and Manipur (0.64%) has the least. Of the big South Indian states, Karnataka (3.93%) has the highest percentage of migrants and Tamil Nadu (1.17%) has the least percentage of migrants. Of all states with populations greater than 50 million, Maharashtra at 7.55% has the highest percentage of migrants. However, I cannot find an answer to the question as to how many migrants in which state came from where.

[Note: Google Gadget created using Google Geomaps by Kiran Rao Batni. The author has no control on the way the map is drawn by Google; address any feedback about the shape of J&K and India's international borders to Google, not to the author or Banavasi Balaga.]


Anonymous said...


On what basis it was written ? I dont think there is any sense behind this survey.I am sure around 60 - 70 lakh kannadigas in Tamil Nadu (almost 8 to 9%) and 1-2 crore Telugu People (20%) and more mallus,northees there who settled earlier.

If Tamils migrated even after before 70 or 80 years also still they are considered "migrants" then if it is the right way then how can we call kannadigas in TN ? We consider them as natives and we dont show any partiality towards them.

If we continue in this way then you are also a migrant.Aryans (Brahmins) intruded india towards khyber pass.they are also not a migrant.

Anonymous said...

sorry ! it should be "they are also migrants"

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