Leadership by elimination by disinformation

On Sept 11, 2009, I had blogged about the deeply irrational and also suicidal statement by chief minister B S Yeddyurappa that Karnataka should "take the lead in India" on measures to cut down population a la China. We at Banavasi Balaga have sufficient evidence that Karnataka simply does not have a high population, and that it's suicidal to believe that Kannadigas should cut down their rate of reproduction.

This was bolstered today by a Times of India article about an International Institute of Population Sciences study which shows that the populations of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are ageing. Yes, Kannadigas are just too damn old compared to people in UP, Maharashtra, Bihar and West Bengal. So we're not just too few Kannadigas, but just too damn old also! And it is to these people that our chief minister wants to convey the message of reproductive restraint! Way to go! What would the management gurus call this? Leadership by elimination?

And to add fuel to the fire, there's the Government of India spreading the nonsense that Indians should cut down on reproduction using its propaganda machinery. Sure UP wallahs should, but why Kannadigas? Why Tamils? Why Malayalis? In the Information age, disinformation about population is no worse than a biological weapon of mass destruction. And it's being hurled at the prosperous, innocent, few and ageing. What would the management gurus call this? Leadership by elimination by disinformation?

It's high time that the ultra-centralist, anti-federal parties of India take note of a simple fact: India is too big, and solutions to the problems of the poor, belligerent, populous and young are poison to the prosperous, innocent, few and ageing. A one-size fits all population policy is death to Kannadigas in particular and South Indians in general. Don't call their problems as our problems, and their solutions as our solutions. It's actually very simple.

Again, by George, what's going on here in India?


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