The other question needs a revolution

The black box of the Air India plane which crashed in Mangaluru has been found now, but on 25 May, Aditya Anand of the Mid Day wrote:
Language proved to be a barrier during operations to cut open the mangled remains of the aircraft to locate the black box yesterday.

On their way to the crash site, M Jose (32) and three others, who were to work under him, were held up at a check-point as they were unable to explain to policemen why they were carrying the equipment.

The men, who could not converse in Kannada -- the local language -- were held up for a couple of hours as they could also not explain why they did not have documents for the vehicle in which they were driving.

The team was to cut open the aircraft's fuselage to recover the black box of the plane that crashed at Mangalore Airport on Saturday.
The English media does not let go of a single opportunity to call India's languages as barriers for this or barriers for that. We should not be misled by the media, of course.

Even here, we should make sure we also ask the other question, because it is that question which is of extreme importance to the future of Karnataka: Why was there no Kannadiga officer who could open the black box? Why did an officer from Kerala have to come in to do that? Why are we set up in such a way? Why aren't Kannadigas in complete charge of airports in Karnataka? Why are Kanndigas, as it were, begging for others to do what is rightfully their own job?

I have begun to feel that it needs a revolution for Kannadigas to ask this question. Are you willing to be part of it?

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