Their Kites Are Here To Wage War On Us

Just a few days ago, after being triggered by what I learnt about the way in which native Indians were "removed" from America, I wrote the following in an article about the rather involved question of ethics in the marketplace:
The question of ethics cannot be settled by examining the voluntariness of market transactions, but only by examining the intentions behind the transactions, which, fortunately for the analyst, manifest themselves in their effects on the exploited party
The issue surrounding the screening of the Hindi movie 'Kites' in Karnataka had not unrolled when I wrote that, but its unrolling now has provided me with the opportunity to illustrate the point using a real-time issue which is bothering Kannadigas.

If you're unaware of the 'Kites' issue, it is that that Hindi movie was illegally planned to be released in more theaters than the limit set for non-Kannada movies, and the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce cracked down the racket.

If you are one of those who believes that Kannadiga movie-goers and/or Hindi movie-makers have been denied their free-market rights by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, you need to understand, very carefully, this point: destroying the respect Kannadigas have (and need to have) for their own language by packing more sex-per-rupee into Hindi movies than Kannadiga loins can handle in movie theaters, is no different from the Europeans using objects of sense pleasure "which we have to spare and they want", in order to entice Native American Indians to "fall to women" and give up their only means of life, agriculture.

The comparison is striking: the Europeans sold what they called the "necessaries of life" to the Native Indians, and the Hindis are now selling us what the papers describe as a necessary of life: sex; the Europeans made the Native Indians fall to women, and so are the Hindis now; the Native Indians lacked the information that their race was being "removed", and here Kannadigas lack the information that these Hindi movies are slowly "removing" them; Europeans made the Native Indians give up their only means of life which was agriculture, and the Hindis are now making us give up the only means of our upliftment which is our language - Kannada.

The Hindi movie is a drug which can give Kannadigas a high when it is being consumed, but a drug which will consume the entire Kannadiga People once the addiction is difficult to get rid of. Even here, the comparison between the Native Indians of America and the Kannadigas of India is very striking: even the Native Indians were made to get addicted to sense objects, and the addiction consumed their entire race.

Hindi movies are packing more and more sex per rupee in order to enslave non-Hindi audiences. They are murdering the Kannadiga spirit and making them lose their respect for Kannada. They are making Kannadigas languish in ignorance because Kannada, our mother, is the only source of our knowledge, and knowledge is the only means of our survival.

Even if Kannadigas want to drug themselves voluntarily and die, the act of the drugger-cum-killer is unethical. Even if the Hindi movie-makers don't want to drug and murder, the act is unethical as long as the effect exists, and the the intentions behind the transactions are manifest in their effect on the exploited party--in this case, the Kannadiga people as a whole.

It is a fundamental law that men can be enslaved by using sex and other sense pleasures. Ignorance of this law cannot be an excuse for the crimes committed using them: ignorantia juris non excusat. At the same time, application of this law beyond limits, to grow rich, is essentially the crime which rogue nations do against humanity by waging war on them with greed of material prosperity.

What else is the Hindi movie industry trying to achieve, if not to satisfy its greed for more and more money? Why should one not look at this as the Hindi Nation waging war on the Kannadiga Society, a war fought using sex on celluloid, which some even describe as love?

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Harish Kumar said...

Guys, get real, this is the Kali Yuga and if you are going to object to sex in mass media then we have to vacate this planet and go elsewhere. We should try to fight brick with brick. Nothing is wrong in having glamour and exposure in kannada movies, it is there in all movies all over the world. This is the culture in the world now, not the best thing, but the dominant thing. We cannot run away from sex. What we can do is make movies which are good in other aspects and also include sex, thus weaning people away from hindi movies towards kannada movies. Once everybody is on our side, we can then try and refine their tastes by slowly removing the glamour elements.

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