'We don't have what it takes, so let's ask New Delhi to do it'

Picture this. You run a state government which allocates Rs. 88,30,00,00,000 (that's 8,830 crore rupees) for primary and secondary education based on the Karnataka State Education Board. You get good reviews in the papers for doing so. And then, within 3 months of allocating that amount, you tell the entire state that all that money is basically going down the drain, or into the right pockets, or whatever.

That's the way in which Yeddyurappa's BJP government is running Karnataka today, as is evident from his minister for law and urban development, S Suresh Kumar, declaring openly yesterday that the state-run education system based on the Karnataka State Education Board (popularly called as the state syllabus) lacks quality, and that it's not good enough for the weaker sections of the society.

That admission itself is actually laudable, because there are definite problems with the state-run education system. What is deplorable is that Suresh Kumar, instead of trying to get the government to fix the syllabus of the education system run by his own government which is prevalent all over the state, simply wants to take up the CBSE syllabus (popularly called the central syllabus) in schools run by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, and shirk away from actual work.

This is basically nothing but the Governement of Karnataka giving up power to New Delhi, throwing up its hands and praying to New Delhi to come and save us. And the last time I checked, these CBSE schools do not run in the Kannada medium. Now, what happened to the commitment of the government to education in the mother tongue? We have seen CBSE schools which don't even teach Kannada as a language, let alone in that medium. Is the government taking public money and doing everything it can against the public's interest?

Of course the Kapil Sibals out there in Delhi can now be pictured with a twinkle on their teeth, but all this only confirms that the BJP government of Karnataka is basically least interested in governing Karnataka and fixing its problems. Why care, when you can just give up all responsibility to New Delhi? Why care, even if New Delhi doesn't understand the basics of education in Kannada, or even its importance?

There is an answer to why it should care, of course. And that is, that the BJP government was elected to govern Karnataka and solve its problems. Kannadigas (assuming they were sobre and their votes were not bought, which is a questionable assumption) elected this government thinking that the persons who wanted their votes are vertebrates who can stand up for the state's cause. But here we see the people's mandate being openly destroyed amidst claims of progress!

It is because of spineless creatures crawling around in the Vidhana Soudha that the very institution of politics at the state level repels good talent. But there is no option but for the institution of politics to be cleaned up. There is no option but for good talent to walk up the steps of Vidhana Soudha and establish a true government -- a government which governs, which owns up the problems of its own education system, a government which puts its act together to solve it internally instead of replacing the system with a foreign one.


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