Kannadigas must produce more children, not less.

Imagine ten men living in a house: the fat seven and the thin three.

Let's say the fat seven are very obese but still putting on weight: their fat and ugly bodies extend so much into the space of the thin three that the latter are being suffocated to death.

Now, imagine a doctor who prescribes that the thin three need to reduce their fat because the house, as a whole, is getting obese:

Now, go figure if the doctor's prescription is ethical, or even if it solves the problem at all.

In the end, if this doctor's prescription is followed, the thin three will be dead and the fat seven will continue to grow fat until it's no longer possible.

What will happen when it's no longer possible? They'll naturally cut down on their fat and realize the mistake. Eventually the house will realize its obesity problem and take steps to cure it.

But in the aftermath, the thin three would have been wiped out, removed from the face of the planet, their lands taken, their food taken, their everything taken by the fat seven.


Karnataka does NOT have a population problem. There are NOT too many Kannadigas on the face of this planet. Karnataka is NOT a densely populated state. See the statistics from censusindia.net below, and ask yourself what logic can prompt anyone to reduce the height of the first bar in each year --- the little light blue one, the one which belongs to Karnataka. What logic, other than the logic of suicide?

Also, Karnataka's population density is not high even from international standards - as the following graph shows (2006 data from Wikipedia). None of the other countries in this graph are asking their people to reduce their populations! In fact, some of them have tax incentives for producing more children!


This being the fact, dear Kannadigas, go forth and produce more and more and more and more children: not one, not two, not three, but at least four! The Govt. of Karnataka is utterly wrong! It is not concerned about your well being! It is concerned about only the well being of India as a whole, and is ignorant of who is creating the population problem in India!

If you are fooled by the Govt's propaganda, you will be wiped out from the face of this planet by the ugly and fat states of India which have a constitutional and political upper-hand, and which are sending their people to Karnataka in hordes because of being unable to contain them within themselves.

This is war by propaganda against Kannadigas. We must not commit suicide because of ignorant and unconcerned governments. Let us take a vow to produce more children, not less.

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Sathish Yadav said...

Oh.... demographic population reduction is more important now... the country can't be considered a whole...

Sathish Yadav said...

It never was considered whole in the minds of Indians and it can't be even after...

Anonymous said...

What you are advocating is an extremist stance which is clearly unacceptable in a civilized world. Producing more kids without regard to availability of natural resources borders insanity.
Your suggestion is like leaving a bull in a china shop.You must reconsider your thoughts.

Kiran Batni said...

>>> without regard to availability of natural resources

Please prove this.

Sathish Yadav said...

ya... it is wrong to think there is less natural resources, there are aplenty, we use only a fraction... dear anonymous...

But if you consider American style living only 500 million can live in the world as opposed to the current 6 Billion... :)

Population explosion is a farce theory...

Anonymous said...

@Sathish: I am not "dear anonymous". Please pay attention to detail otherwise you ll forever live in your delusional world of "aplenty".
@Kiran: Divide one apple among 10000 people and make sure that each one is completely satisfied. Can you do that?

Please open up your eyes.
There are more important issues concerning mankind than lower birthrate in Karnataka as compared to other places.
Please do adequate research in the areas of
1) Climate Change & Global Warming
2) Population Explosion
3) Energy Crisis.
More kids is the last thing that should be thought of.

Kiran Batni said...

>>> Divide one apple

Please prove there's only one apple.

Kiran Batni said...

BTW, even if I were to grant (for argument's sake, you still have to prove this) that there's only one apple, there is reason to be concerned about Karnataka's demographic situation, unless migration to Karnataka can be controlled.

Climate change/global warming, population explosion, energy crisis, etc, are all related.

For my views on climate change, see http://karnatique.blogspot.com/search/label/Environment.

Nobody thinks of more kids as the first thing 'to be thought of'. It's the nonsensical population control programme which thinks of fewer kids as the first thing 'to be thought of'.

And, please open your eyes to the truth about the world food situation as made public by the FAO, as quoted in this article: http://karnatique.blogspot.com/2010/08/dark-designs-behind-population-control_09.html

A 10-part series of articles called "The dark designs behind population control" is available under http://karnatique.blogspot.com/search/label/Demography

Anonymous said...

Please prove that there is more than one apple.

I saw your views on climate change. When a person of Dr.Steven Chu's caliber says we need to exercise caution, it is not something that you can do away with.Besides, Your blog openly displays inherent pessimism and your unfailing belief in conspiracy theories.

Just because someone else is developed and controlling the money doesnt mean you ape their model of development. In India, there are plenty of opportunities to switch towards green and more sustainable sources of energy.



I am not claiming that these are 100 pc true. They might represent a fraction of what is true. But when you club this with what is published in prominent scientific journals we get the big picture. I am an MS student working on Energy for the last 2 years and I know the ground reality.

The Economics control only half the story. What happens when the resources really run out? If there is no technology,no resource to support such a large population it is impending doom. I am not claiming that the world will come to an end all of a sudden. What I am claiming is the effects on our kids would be disastrous if we design a society that doesnt have the resources to maintain itself.
We have a moral responsibility to restore normalcy to the planet.
There was a time people were denying Ozone holes. When we change our world with our growth in ways beyond our comprehension of its effects, what happens is disaster.

I do not wish to continue this further because I see its going to be futile. I am utterly at loss of words to know that you are an IITian. Please use your analytical mind for better purposes than purporting conspiracy theories and aggravating the already burgeoning population related problems.
You will hear no more from me. But I strongly suggest you to look into the ground facts and science behind the issues rather than look at it with biased eyes and a closed mind.

Kiran Batni said...

>>> Please prove that there is more than one apple.

Going by your MS topic and the veracity of your statements, looks like you're referring to Energy when you say 'apple':-)

I was talking about food, which was the original issue which triggered the over-population hysteria.

It's now public knowledge that there neither was nor is a food shortage in the world. See the FAO link to which I've referred to many times while writing to you. Also, read Amartya Sen's essays on Famines and how they have social reasons and not food-shortage reasons. You can't eliminate famines using population control, for example.

No, I won't say 'someone of the caliber of Amartya Sen'. Read him for what you think his essays are worth. Not because he has a certain 'caliber'.

Note that what you're calling as my 'conspiracy theory' does not account for Energy. I haven't made a single statement about Energy when talking about the dark designs of population control. I couldn't have talked about them, because energy was NOT part of the design (at least then).

So, hold on till I connect Energy and population control. I'm yet to publish anything about it.

And let's cut out fruitless statements about our institutes, our analytical minds and where they're better employed, etc.

And yea, both of us are trying to make the world better, so it's better to hear from each other:-)

Kiran Batni said...

And yeah, prominent scientific journals. Have you heard of that 'once very prominent' scientific journal called the Eugenics Review? And have you heard of what some very scientific gentlemen did using that science?

Sathish Yadav said...

Oh Oh Oh...

I don't live in delusional reality, let me be clear, the strong will live and the weak will die. However you design the equation, you will get to this.

Check this out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZVOU5bfHrM

The Human race will find a way out...

The human race has more enemies in the form of bacteria and viruses than within itself, let's say one demographic region is wiped out by one disease, what's our future... looks pale right...

It happened once in South America, the famous Incas, the Aztechs and the other south americans just died... no one could replace that population... some gene will be strong somewhere somehow... let's give the world it's own pain to survive... when things get out of hand... nature will unplug us from our present reality to the real reality...

So don't think of population explosion... ain't a good idea... produce more and be happy... :)

Debater said...

"What you are advocating is an extremist stance which is clearly unacceptable in a civilized world. Producing more kids without regard to availability of natural resources borders insanity.
Your suggestion is like leaving a bull in a china shop.You must reconsider your thoughts.

Increasing population density by allowing other people from outside the state is ALSO pressure on the environment.

Are you trying to say it is a pressure on the environment only when the Kannadigas produce more children, but it is not so when North Indians descend in hordes into KRN and put pressure on the resources ?

I would agree to your suggestion of controlling kannadiga poulation if and only if you also agree that people from other states should not be allowed to put pressure on the KRN environment.

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