What Does the Rupee Symbol Symbolize?

Let it go into the annals of history that the Govt. of India had included the following exclusionist rule in the Rupee Symbol Design Contest Rules, blatantly, openly, discriminatorily, and in open defiance of the Constitution of India, while we were not looking:
The symbol has to be in the Indian National Language Script or a visual representation.
The problem in that rule, you ask? There is no Indian National Language Script. There is no Indian National Language. The Govt. of India has a sort of selective amnesia when it comes to the issue of a National Langauge. It comes and goes. When they wrote the rules of the game, it prevailed, and an Indian National Language and its script came to be (which one, you ask? Hindi, of course, and the script: Devanagari). Damn!

So, that's what the Rupee Symbolizes. You might as well read this forewarning, for what it's worth. Forewarn was all we could, sorry.


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