The Dark Designs Behind Population Control - Part 1

After I learnt about the skewed nature of fertility rates in India, with South India undergoing a rapid fertility decline and North India not undergoing such a rapid decline, I set out to investigate the reasons for this skew, and to understand what really is behind the very concept of Population Control as applied to the world, India, South India, and in particular, Karnataka.

The issue of population is very serious: there is no future for Kannadigas if there are no Kannadigas in future. Or Tamils, or Malayalis, or Telugus or Marathis.

Since the whole of South India is being prepared for large numbers of migrants from North India by Population Policy (or as a byproduct of it), since India is a far cry from being a true Federal country, since diversity is paid only lip service, and since Hindi speakers have been openly granted a constitutional upper-hand in India, the fertility map of India provides reason for much worry. And the worry is, simply, that if we don't take the correct steps, South Indians may become both outnumbered and sidelined in their own land, and gradually vanish due to very low fertility and increased migration. Steep fertility declines are accompanied by deep-routed social, familial and behavioral changes in a population, and there is no guarantee that these changes can be reversed.

Actually, migration from the North is okay as long as it does not disturb the social cohesion in the linguistic peoples of the South. The problem is, there is nothing which can provide the consolation that social cohesion is going to be maintained in South India. Everything we know points towards the loss of social cohesion due to migration.

Why are we being made to suppress our fertility and implicitly asked to welcome migrants from North India? What factors led to such a situation? Is it by design or accident? If by design, how ethical is a political system which designs South India to undergo fertility decline below replacement level and North India to remain considerably above it in the endgame where India as a whole would have achieved a replacement level fertility? Were all Indians considered like wild grass devoid of any diversity in crafting the population policy, so that one could cut out more grass where it's easy to cut and leave uncut where it's difficult to cut, and finally pick grass from the high-density area and plant it in the low-density area? Were the aspirations of the different linguistic peoples taken into account in forming this policy, or was it just handed down from the top?

I have not come anywhere close to answering all these questions, but in seeking those answers I have come to question whether Population Control itself is a valid project to undertake anywhere in the world. Is population really a problem in say India (and we know it's North India), China and Africa? Is population the reason for underdevelopment in these places? Should people be considered as weeds and cut down by hook or crook?

The answer I have found is an emphatic NO.

In this series of articles, I wish to elaborate on what led to the very concept of Population Control, touching only on the main points. It is impossible to explain the entire story in a blog, or even to hyperlink all the relevant material. I encourage readers to follow up with their own investigation. There is a plethora of material on the internet, as well as a myriad books, about the topic.

At this point of time, what I do understand very clearly, and have solid proof for, is this: that Population Control (by artificial means, i.e.,) is a Western concept rooted in false science, false economics, greed, and racial hatred.

I caution readers to not jump to the conclusion that policy makers in India have been greedy and have exhibited racial hatred towards South Indians and tried to "design us out" by policy. I have not found any proof of that, and I sincerely hope that there is no such proof.

The position I have formed about the Indian programme, after the little research I have been able to do, is that Indians might have blindly hooked on to the false science and false economics, thinking it to be absolute truth, especially since it came to them from their colonial masters, the British. I believe the pioneers of the Population Control programme in India did not realize that they were pawns of the West steeped in racial hatred and greed for natural resources. I believe Indians welcomed the deadly virus of Population Control without understanding its implications, and that South India simply executed the plan better, and was somehow in a position to execute the plan better, than North India. Of course, this position begs proof, which I continue to seek.

In what follows, I will try to document the dark history of Population Control in the West and how it spawned the Indian programme. If these articles even do so much as to trigger readers to re-think whether population control is necessary, I would consider my efforts not wasted.

I am convinced that Population Control is not necessary, and that it is actually a subtle weapon of destruction wielded against those who are considered "unwanted" by the weapon-wielders. Focusing attention on population takes attention away from the real problems facing any population. Indeed, such a defocus is one of the items on the agenda of those who wish to depopulate the entire world and subsequently secure its natural resources for their own use and plunder.

Note: I believe that it is the right of couples to decide the number of children they wish to have, and adopt whatever methods of contraception they deem fit (although I do have a preference: the time-tested method of abstinence). When I say "Population Control is not necessary", what I mean is that the government has no justifiable reason to poke its nose inside bedrooms and human reproductive organs. Governments worldwide must stop creating a mass hysteria about a ticking "population bomb", stop spreading the nonsense that a high population is the cause for poverty and disease, decline foreign aid aimed at population control, and withdraw all their population control or family planning programmes. It's all total nonsense, and creates huge social problems which could have been avoided (such as the North-South fertility skew in India which will end up increasing internal tensions). Governments should do real work instead: improve education, provide real healthcare, etc.

To be continued.


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