Behead chicken, head government

We were talking about our politicians having arbitrary convictions, but this arbitrary? Check this out:
Witchcraft and Vaastu are said to be the key reasons for closing the different gates of Vidhana Soudha and even the doors of the Assembly Hall, except the Kengal Hanumanthaiah gate and the west door in the Assembly Hall, during Monday's trust vote.
Perhaps we're wrong in thinking those convictions are arbitrary. Maybe they're really not arbitrary convictions, because our political strategists were goddamn serious, and their strategy seems to have worked:
A beheaded chicken, blood, a lemon pierced with nails, turmeric, vermilion and other things topped with an egg were found near the east main gate in front of the High Court. The east main gate too was closed on the day of the 'tainted' confidence motion in the Assembly.
For the full story, check out the Indian Express: Vaastu behind closing all Soudha gates but one?

I'd say it takes an enormous amount of political will to behead a chicken, etc., and place it all near the east main gate of the Vidhana Soudha. Bah! What valour! What political strategists we have around!

Any ideas what saved B. S. Yeddyurappa's government on the day of the second trust vote, when all doors were apparently opened up? Did the beheaded chicken hold its conviction to save the government for three full days?

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shanks said...

Its really disgusting more so with our Yeddi. Having religious point of view and believing it is OK but visiting temples day after day its sick to see him. May be he should tell all and sundry that all his future visit's should be private and no photo's should be published in public domain. He is fit to be an Opposition Leader not a CM material

Shankar Prasad

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