Changes to Karnatique

With immediate effect, the following changes have been made to Karnatique:
  1. Commenting on the blog is back. Please help have good discussions by commenting responsibly. One intended consequence of the 'no-commenting-on-the-blog phase' which the blog went through, was that irresponsible comments simply stopped, while responsible comments (whether they agree or disagree with the post) continued to flow in over email. I'm hoping that won't change with re-enabled commenting on the blog.
  2. Views are not necessarily those of Banavasi Balaga. It was decided in last Saturday's Banavasi Balaga meeting that it is better to clarify that the views expressed by me on Karnatique are my own, and not necessarily those of the Balaga. It is important for us at the Balaga to take this step, since (a) individuals such as me make mistakes which should not get falsely attributed to the Balaga even temporarily, (b) the members of the Balaga need to think and express their views freely, since such freedom is essential for intellectual growth, and (c) it is becoming increasingly difficult for every post to be reviewed by my colleagues at the Balaga, mainly because of time constraints.
You're still welcome to write for Karnatique by sending me your article(s) over email.

Let's get back to work, then. Have a great day!


ಕಿರಣ್ ರಾವ್ ಬಾಟ್ನಿ / Kiran Rao Batni said...

Test comment.

shanks said...

You may be right. But we have both the types of Democracy one Indian system and another US system. We also have the European system where, every State is a Country and there is a Union mostly for Commerce.

Perhaps a very close look at both the system should throw some light. Also, the people both at Europe and at US are more mature.

May be its time for Proportional Representation, so that at least the Party's send right kind of people.

Shankar Prasad

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