What do they know of India who only Hindi know?*

At a Hindi Day function on Tuesday, 14 September 2010, Union home minister Palaniappan Chidambaram apparently gave the following as the reason why (central) government departments must increase use of Hindi in their day-to-day work:
“For effective implementation of developmental schemes, it is necessary to reach out to people in their own language.”
I’m dying to ask Mr Chidambaram one very simple question: Who are the “people” you’re referring to, and what is their language? Are you referring to the people of the Hindi-speaking States only? Is your definition of India limited to those States? Have you grown blind to the rest of India which speaks ever so many tongues?

Have you forgotten that your own tongue speaks Tamil at home? How can anybody sane use the singular noun “language” when refering to the different tongues that Indians speak, the different tongues in which they need to be “reached out” to?

What do you know about that India which you call home, minister?

* This article was originally posted on Churumuri on 15 Sep 2010. See the post on Churumuri for a pretty long discussion. I owe the catchy title to Mr. Krishna Prasad of Churumuri.


Pranjal Das {Guwahati, Assam, pdas.law@gmail.com, 9864261164} said...

This is the collective tragedy of all non-Hindi Indian languages. They have become children of a lesser God. Actually the dominance of Hindi in multi-lingual India is inevitable. There is a theory in Socio-anthropology that co-existence of diverse cultures is a myth. Eventually, one language / culture dominates and the others get sidelined. The Hindi juggernaut is not only unstoppable, rather Hindi domination will only increase. In the coming years / decades, the population of the Hindi states will become disproportionately high, thereby further strengthening the position of Hindi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiran,

Thanks for opening the comments again.

I used to visit the blog regularly.But today i am surprised as the comments opened.

I just gone thru the link you have given churumuri.
Thats good but somebody understood PC wrongly like he belongs to a party with strong tamil background.this is totally wrong.He is from Congress and he was defeated for his party's anti eelam tamil activities and some how he malpractised and won with the help of Alagiri's goondaism.

Why is he speaking like this outside TN? He knows very well that if he would have spoken in TN will attract mass agitation and condemnations across thats why he is sitting Delhi and making some bullshit speeches.

Ganesh said...

Ezhil, Maybe PC is vying for the PM's position post Manmohan Singh & he thinks he is making all the right noises to be acceptable to the cow-belt.

Sathish Yadav said...

He is stupid

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