'The value systems of those with access to power...'

Aung San Suu Kyi. Photo: telegraph.co.uk

Let these words of freed Burmese leader and upholder of democracy and human rights, Aung San Suu Kyi, ring in our minds, the minds of Kannadigas privileged with English education and English employment in a sea of underprivileged people with Kannada as the only tool for upliftment, and in the minds of Hindi speaking Indians who are constitutionally privileged over most of India:
The value systems of those with access to power and of those far removed from such access cannot be the same. The viewpoint of the privileged is unlike that of the underprivileged.
And let these words of The Lady ring in our minds, the minds of those who consider politics as an unnecessary evil:
You can never separate the political system of a country from the way you conduct your daily life.
And let these words ring in our minds, as well as the minds of Karnataka's politicians doing nothing more than handing out gifts to the underprivileged:
The provision of basic material needs is not sufficient to make minority groups and indigenous peoples feel they are truly part of the greater national entity. For that they have to be confident that they too have an active role to play in shaping the destiny of the state that demands their allegiance.
And let these words of the leader ring in the minds of those who wish to bring about a change here in Karnataka:
The democracy process provides for political and social change without violence.
Aung San Suu Kyi has been freed, apparently unconditionally, within a week of Barack Obama speaking about the situation in Burma standing in the Indian parliament, and softly accusing India of doing nothing about it.


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