Taking a break. Matte sigona.

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you that I have decided to take a break from blogging and online social networking in order to focus on a book that I have begun to write.

The first draft of the book, written in English, is expected to take anywhere from 9 to 12 months to complete. The book is about the need for and ways of reforming the increasingly popular Idea of India and putting India back on track in its career as an ethical nation. This, of course, is very much a Karnatique theme.

Karnatique and Hostilu are the only blogs on which I'm active right now, and I will be taking a break from both. I will also be taking a break from the Facebook accounts Kiran Batni, Karnatique Balaga, the Facebook community page Roman Lipiyalli Kannada, and the Twitter accounts @kiranbr and @karnatique.

Too many tools and objects, although they are blameless by themselves, crowd out the human mind. Even the most beautiful flowers and fragrances, however beautiful they are, hold the mind captive and deprive it of leisure and silence. I need both leisure and silence to listen to that Inner Voice of Truth which whispers the same whispers in all of us, if only we listen to it. It is these whispers that I wish to present to the world as a book.

Let's keep in touch. I will be available on kiran at banavasibalaga dot org. I will also be more than happy to meet any of you personally if you wish, and if you are in or around Maisuru (Mysore), where I now live (yes, Bengaluru is around Maisuru). We could then discuss things in more detail instead of exchanging quick and dirty messages online, and build a network of hearts instead of a network of TCP/IP.

Matte sigona (let's meet again),
Kiran Batni

PS: I've dropped the middle 'Rao' in my name, for simplicity.


shanks said...

Thanks to Ganesh Chetan, although I am new to this blog, I miss your postings. I wish you all the best in your endeavour and may your book take the country by storm.

Unknown said...

nimma hottage bareyuva kelasakke saviyodagali,

gel sigali.


Jayanth S said...

nimma book channagi moodibarli sir.

manju said...

Its a very good idea. Look forward to read your book.

Although i have been passive reader of your blog i am sure many like me would miss reading your postings.

All the best for your book.


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