Thoughts on Hindi and India's linguistic diversity

I love all the languages of the world, and given time, I would learn them all. If the theory of rebirth is correct, my love for languages will make me take birth as many times as required to learn every language on the planet. I speak very good Hindi. Even today, when I go to North India where Hindi is the language of the common man, I speak Hindi. But where I live, I utter not a single word of it. By choice.

I hate the imposition of Hindi on Indians. I hate the fact that I was made to learn Hindi in order to feel more Indian, and in order to appease the feeling of a few early politicians who felt it necessary to hide India's diversity from the world. I hate the fact that the growth of my own mother tongue, Kannada, which is spoken by close to sixty million people, is impeded by Hindi imposition. The fact that I speak good Hindi and love the language does not make me stop hating the system which taught it to me.

I would love to see Hindi grow and become a language which is on par with English, French, German, Japanese, etc. This it must do by becoming the chosen language for science, technology, and all other modern uses to which modern languages are put. And yes, this it must do without making it difficult for other Indian languages to do the same. This would be Hindi's vertical growth - a perfectly welcome one.

However, Hindi is growing horizontally, more or less like a cancer, by throwing money, half-nude women, and Government rules and regulations around. It is burning up India's linguistic diversity in the fire of desire and unjust law. This horizontal growth of Hindi, which results in both the horizontal and vertical destruction of all other languages of India, must stop if at all India must remain one nation.

Real growth is vertical growth. It's possible. My Hindi friends who don't think this vertical growth is possible aid the destruction of India's linguistic diversity. By becoming a "nation", which is the organized desire of a whole people, Indians have started the worship of a European deity of death called Endless Hunger. Now, this Endless Hunger must consume something. If it finds it difficult to consume the difficulties on the path of vertical growth, it consumes innocent humanity on the path of horizontal growth. This must stop.


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