Hyderabad blasts: the language angle

Hindu-Muslim hatred is essentially a North Indian phenomenon. It is transported into South India by the so-called national parties. In fact, Hinduism and Islam were themselves transported into South India from North India. The Telugus, who are a nation by themselves according to the universal definition of the term, had nothing to do with Afzal Guru whose execution, by the actual nation that they are part of, seems to have triggered the Hyderabad bomb blasts.

If the Indian Mujahideen, or any other terrorist group, is indeed behind the blasts, then one of two things must be true. The terrorists who committed the crime must either have been brought in from outside Andhra Pradesh, or they must have been born and brought up within the state.

If the terrorists were brought in from outside the state, the Government of India is party to the crime because it does not let states enforce their own border security. What is more, it encourages the belief, complete with what is advertised as a concern for universal brotherhood but what is in reality a justification for extreme centralization of economic and political power, that inter-state borders are unholy even if they are only on paper.

The trains, airplanes and highways between states, which run under the control of the Government of India, carry these terrorists to their destinations sans any controls or checks. Remember that, when the British pioneered these transport and communications links, they loved the havoc they would create. The more the havoc, the more the yellow metal in the Queen's kitty. It's not very different today. Now there ain't no Queen, but there are a few Kings and Moguls in New Delhi, all working very closely.

If the terrorists were born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, there are two further cases: they either spoke Telugu or didn't. If they didn't speak Telugu, the Government of India is again to blame, because it discourages all Indian languages other than Hindi - not just in name, but economically and politically. It does not let state governments enforce the language of the land and thereby create a feeling of brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims.

Islam is a religion, not a language, and hundreds of millions of Muslims do not speak Arabic or Persian or Urdu, which many consider to be three names of one language, but which are similar only to outsiders; the similar scripts add to the confusion. The entire nation of Bangladesh, full of Muslims, speaks Bengali, and in fact separated from Pakistan on linguistic grounds. It also makes sense for Muslims to speak the language of the people around them, because it then makes conversion, which they like, easier.

All said and done, it is extremely unlikely that the terrorists spoke Telugu, or had any intention to speak it. One doesn't create havoc in the lives of people whose tongue one shares or wishes to share, even if one is a Muslim, unless, in that case, one is opposing Hindu fanatics. If one is opposing Hindu fanatics, the BJP, the RSS, and the rest of the Hindutva brigade, who like to think of themselves as the better alternative to the Congress at the centre, are all to blame for the Hyderabad blasts.

Next, it is important to note that the Telugu people, i.e., the people of Andhra Pradesh, hold a miniscule fraction of the power in the Parliament of India that was attacked by Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri hero according to the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, in the first place. I don't mean just the trivial number of Andhra MPs, but also the fact that they are inferior because they don't speak the preferred language - Hindi. If the Telugus even whisper in Telugu in the Parliament, they're immediately and automatically regarded as traitors, parochials and un-Indian.

Most of the power in the Parliament of India is held by North Indians speaking Hindi. The attack on the Parliament, therefore, is not so much an attack on the Telugus as it is on the North Indians speaking Hindi. The most important source of Hindu-Muslim tension is essentially a conflict in the Punjab, a state in North India that was divided during the partition. The Telugus have only been told that all this is their problem, and the Punjabis have been told that it is not only their problem. Having bought that argument, the Telugus have got these bomb blasts as gifts from the Queen's alter-egos in New Delhi. What is more, the Telugus are constitutionally prevented from protecting themselves with any seriousness, and are told the recurrent constitutional lie that the Government of India is there to help the people of India.

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Sankar said...

I totally agree. We used to eat Biriyani from muslim people's houses in Tamil Nadu when I was in school. Nowadays there seem to be some kind of groupism these days :( We even shared Pongal greetings as we considered muslims to be Tamils too. This is not the case anymore and the muslims are made more Arabic these days :(

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