Why we needed the Hyderabad blasts

Pic: India Today.

The terror attack on Hyderabad is not a failure of the Govt. of India. It is the very thing on which the need for a Govt. of India was originally postulated by the British: the so-called inability of the states to defend themselves from external aggression. I say 'so-called' because this inability was and is only an illusion; we find states smaller than the smallest in India defending themselves in the world. But the Govt. of India would like to maintain this illusion intact, because if it weren't for it, it would cease to exist.

The Idea of India that is enshrined in the Constitution of India requires these bomb blasts to happen, because it is an opportunity to illustrate the need for a Govt. of India in the absence of any other obvious reason such as a people speaking one language or belonging to one race. The Constitution also requires the states to be incapable of preventing these bomb blasts. Everyone points a finger at the Govt. of India and claims that it must pull its act together and prevent these incidents. But the fact is, such acts can never be prevented except by the State Governments. And now, because of the way in which the nation is structured, the State Governments may not prevent them. The result: these bomb blasts can never be prevented at all.

The people of India pay for this nonsensical and undemocratic political structure by dying in these blasts which keep happening without end. Yet, we don't learn from our mistakes, and the Govt. of India would rather not have us learn. Because, if we do learn, it would present an existential threat to it. But really, it would only create an existential threat to the current Constitution of India - not the very idea of a single Indian nation. There is a way of writing this crucial document which ensures peace and prosperity for all Indians, and without endangering the idea of a single nation. That way is to take federalism seriously.


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