Fossils bloom

The sidelining of Indian languages other than Hindi according to the new rules of the UPSC examination saw lots of protests on social networking sites last week. Unfortunately, the protests have already begun to die down. The world gets the message that the injustice is thereby vindicated.

The framers of our Constitution knew that such protests would die down. They knew because we were not awake enough to protest when they took away some of our most fundamental freedoms. We were not awake enough to protest when they indoctrinated us into believing that those freedoms are worthless fossils to be laid at the foundation of the new nation. Now, the continuation of our fatal slumber has become necessary by law, and that law doles out injustice after injustice.

But what the framers of the Constitution seem to have forgotten is: we did not protest then because then we believed them to take care of our freedoms. We did not protest then because we believed that their awakening is our awakening. Now, the proof that they have failed us, and the truth that our awakening is a separate one, both stare in our eye.

Yes, we may forget the present injustice soon, but the Constitution will ensure that another one will follow. We will forget that one, too, but there is no denying that the underlying flaw in the Constitution will make itself more and more visible every time an injustice is rolled out. As this continues, The Book will stop being followed in spirit and will have to be enforced purely in letter. We already see the signs of this decay. It will be good for the future of the Indian nation to recognize it and start the process of rewriting the Constitution from scratch.


Rohith B R said...

Who cares whether they re-write the Indian constitution or not. Karnataka needs a superseding constitution that can protect Kannadigas from an oppressing central government and also ensure benefits from being in The Union are passed on to Kannadigas.

Debater said...

I seriously believe we need to start negotiating with the Union Government for a special status for KRN a la J&K. We need a serious debate on the benefits of being a part of the Indian Union.

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