S. India will be flooded with workers from North!

The Hindu, on Sept 8, 2013, carried a front-page headline that should have been difficult to miss for any south Indian: ‘Bihar, U.P. will form workforce of the future’. This, of course, is not an accident that befell last week out of nowhere. It is a direct fallout of the decades of the depopulation of the south being carried out by the Government of India. The people of south India have been made to give up reproduction at a faster rate than the people of north India, and this shows in the population statistics today.

I have written quite a bit about the racism that led to the original concept of population control in the west, as well as the Indian avatar of the concept, and will not go into those details here. What I'd like to briefly address here is, specifically, the economic impact of this project, because The Hindu, even though it did a commendable job by putting up this news item on the front page, did not do full justice to how south Indians, in particular, must react to it.

Some people may think that the 'workforce of the future' coming from Bihar and U.P. will be good for the south, because they can be employed as cheap labor. But that would be a suicidal idea. First, because south Indians are not wanting who will be happy to be employed at comparable rates. Second, because the employers who are to employ this 'workforce of the future' are also north Indian! Thus, not only are the employees going to be north Indian, but their employers, too. The latter are already north Indian, by-and-large. There is hardly a business, hardly a shop, of any significance, in any city of Karnataka, for e.g., which is not run by a north Indian.

Now, it is all nice to hear that one should not 'bring about a divide between the north and the south' by pointing out what I'm pointing out here, but the fact is, that divide is created by the policy of the Govt. of India which encourages the north in all respects, at the cost of the south. The hindification of India, i.e., the project to cut the tongues of non-Hindi speakers and to replace them with Hindi tongues, is the legal crime indulged in by the Govt. of India. This project makes the world believe that this 'workforce of the future' coming from Bihar and U.P. is a non-event, i.e., something that's natural in a nation whose official language - or national language as most Hindi impositionists would like to have it, albeit unconstitutionally - is that of Bihar and U.P.

So how must the south Indians react to The Hindu's front page news item? The one and only way to save south India from being flooded by workers from the north, and from slowly being colonized by them, is to prevent the reckless migration of northerners into south India, on the pretext that we are all Indians. This is nothing but the twentyfirst-century version of Aryan Migration into south India, and the destruction of the Dravidians. Four or five thousand years ago, apparently, the Dravidians had south India to move to. Today, there's only the oceans. Then, there was no feeling among the Dravidians that they'd be unpatriotic not to let the Aryans have their way; today, that feeling has been successfully planted.