Welcome to the English Blog of Banavasi Balaga. It's a pleasure.

Please make yourself comfortable while we begin to take off on a long intellectual journey whose destination is the Karnataka of our dreams. There is nothing that we Kannadigas cannot achieve, there is no force in the universe which can thwart our attempts when we become a People with One Goal: The all-round development of Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka (K3).

It is our intention to draw knowledge and experiences from every known field of human endeavor, from every land, clime and time. We'd like to become the forum of choice for the most constructive, hottest, coolest, most important, most intellectual discussions about K3 in the English language.

We have chosen to blog in the English language for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, as we learnt from our ENGURU experience, even after the introduction of Kannada Unicode, the world of computers continues to be somewhat partial to languages with linear scripts such as English, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and the languages of Mainland Europe.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the English blog world which attracts many a Kannadiga reader has treated K3 with what one might describe as reckless abandon. Many Kannadigas themselves seem to think that they're left with no choice but to fall in line with and continue the tradition of those non-Kannadigas who possess dubious intentions about K3. Because of this habit, the neglect and abuse of K3 (particularly while employing the services of the English language) has become "cool" to Kannadigas themselves -- a development which is disastrous for our own future. From that "dreary desert sand of dead habit" we will attempt to free the English blog world -- with your cooperation.

And by the way, ENGURU will continue full steam. For your convenience, we've given links to the latest ENGURU posts on the sidebar of this blog.

Did you ask what we mean by the name KARNATIQUE? Keep guessing, fellas!


ಹಂಸಾನಂದಿ Hamsanandi said...

An appreciation to what you are doing appears here :) in this blog post:



lakki said...

thanks to the Balaga.
you were and are doing a great job on K3 issues. but that was available to to kannadigas. Now this is a brilliant idea to let the world understand our standpoint which will lead to a sensible discussion on the blog. Kudos to Balaga Boys to put this up in english and let the world know we are there!!!


ಸ್ವರ said...

woah.. bring it on! ;)

'xcitingly hot!

- nitya

Anonymous said...

adu adu adu...sakath guru sakath...

Kannadiga said...

Please sign the petition on BIAL recruitment of non-kannadigas.


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