Collaborating for Success

Vijaya Karnataka, a Kannada daily, recently reported top rank ministers of the newly formed Karnataka government meeting the heads of some of the leading IT/BT companies based in Karnataka. This meeting was planned to discuss avenues of corporate-government collaboration to chalk out plans for both government and corporates to work towards mutual benefit.

This is a good step taken by the government in the interest of rural population of Karnataka. Further, the government should strive to make this public-private collaboration work towards increasing employability among the rural youth of Karnataka. In today's liberalized and globalized world, goals of governments to increase employment opportunities can be achieved only by partnering with private hands.

While the agenda made by the Karnataka government and corporates seems good at the outset, the government needs to categorically state the importance of employment in the rural society, and press for the private sector to play active role in increasing employability among such sections of the state. On closer observation this agenda will have to bear some points in mind to make the entire exercise successful for both sides of the deal:
  1. The trainings curriculum needs to be current and effective in preparing youth to win jobs in their respective fields. The youth may also have to be trained on some non-technical aspects that play a significant role in success in industry. As a common factor, all curriculum will have to be constantly monitored for upgradation so as to not become obsolete in the industry.

  2. The training programmes may also need comprehensive counselling for candidates to ensure the youth choose a profession that best matches his/her likes and abilities.

  3. The programme must be managed such that the infrastructural and man-power needs for training masses of youth are always met, and constantly improved to match the quality levels expected in industries.

When implemented in this fashion programmes of such kind will soon set standards for establishing a structure behind successful corporate-government collaborations for attracting talent, enriching skills and encouraging the wider youth base of Karnataka to participate in shaping the state's economy. It will also set the right example for more corporate houses to follow and benefit from and in the process do their bit to serve the community they exist in.

The success of this kind of partnership should help not just the IT & BT industries, but go beyond them and find success in various other industries. In future these programs can as well spin off effective nodal centers for vocational training and pave way to building valuable pools of diverse employment resources for corporates of all kinds. This should also go beyond state boundaries and get adopted by all states so that each one of them succeeds in ensuring better employment of their youth in their own state.

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Anonymous said...

This should be the news in the leading indian news dailies.

Anonymous said...

Those in the government should start interacting more and more with private sectors. Government should appear not as rule imposer but should strive to get jobs for the locals.

Anonymous said...

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ಸುಮ್ಸುಮ್ಕೆ said...

/dg avre,
You have noticed things closely enough.. so you are surely a good reader of this blog as I am.

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Anonymous said...

sumsumke avre, amele nam gurgale :),
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jai karnataka,

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