Bengaluru should learn from Beijing

ANNE FU of CCTV reports from Beijing how the new Beijing International Airport flaunts the Chinese culture and language in everything:

At 29,000m long, terminal 3 looks like a Chinese Dragon lying at the northeastern corner of Beijing. The ball that the dragon is playing with is the parking lot and the subway terminal. The dragon's head, body and tail are the main buildings of the terminal.


The interior decorations feature traditional Chinese characters.


Passengers here can take leisurely strolls through Chinese gardens.

One asks how much of Kannada culture our Bengaluru International Aiport will be displaying. Being what we are, we shouldn't be surprised if it is built after the Taj Mahal, that hackneyed monument which 99% Kannadigas have never seen or been to, and whose patron King (together with his dynasty and race) hadn't even heard of the Kannada language, and who at best would have looked at Kannadigas with the eyes of a predatory bird, if at all.

According to CNN Beijing, Chinese engineers want the new terminal to be world class, but with recognizably Chinese features.

CHEN GUOXING of the Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd. proudly declares:
I want every passenger to be able to tell once they arrive that they are in Beijing, even without seeing a sign that reads Beijing.
Ah! now to our own Bengaluru International Airport. This will perhaps be world class too, but what about the "recognizably ___________ features" ? What will fill the blank? Do you think it's gonna be Kannada? Do you think it should be Kannada? We've already argued how what shall be is gonna be divorced from what ought to be, didn't we? Passengers to our Bengaluru International Airport will be able to tell once they arrive that they are in New Delhi!

Yeah, you bet our airport it's gonna be full of English and Hindi, with Kannada not even featuring inside the toilets! We had reported in ENGURU how a union minister visited the airport site a few months ago and pulled the curtains down on plans of making the interiors reflect Kannada culture. His point was that that takes away the international sheen. Takes away the sheen my foot! All it would have taken away is the ignorance of that minister and servile fools who still can't get over the feeling that Kannada and Kannada culture is non-International. All it would have taken away is the illogical, ill-begotten, ill-conceived, undemocratic Hindification of India at the cost of Kannada language and culture.

When will we grow up? When will we stop feeling small? There is no external trigger necessary or sufficient. It has to come from inside. We need to start feeling from inside that we Kannadigas have got balls too. Yeah, international balls.


danny said...

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Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for Kannada being accorded a step motherly treatment in its own country? It is undoubtedly the so called elected representatives who are bastard cum eunuchs (though contradictory, it applies to them). They get pissed up in their pants when it comes to speaking in the parliament or in front of their “High command”. The JDS which claims votes from Vokkaligas had no shame in getting a non Kannadiga, Rajeev Chandrashekar elected to the Rajya Sabha. Not a murmur was heard from the BJP when Venkiah Naidu again a non Kannadiga said ‘Jai Andra’ in Karnataka. Already Karnataka is poorly represented in the Union Cabinet, that to with insignificant portfolios. But we have our so called ‘Rebel Star’ getting cold feet when being made a Minister. If unable to take up responsibility at least he could have foretold that and another MP from Karnataka belonging to the same community (Tejaswini Gowda) could have got the opportunity. Yes we have members of Kannada organizations taking issues to the street. But every immigrants know that by greasing the palm of the so called upholders of law and order, they cannot be touched however grave their sacrilege done to Kannada language, its people and culture.

Anonymous said...

Paramount Airways was introduced, every one might have been exited that for the first time airline based out of Tamil Nadu was started. There was also expectation that the aviation sector in Tamil Nadu would improve. For a long time Bangalore was the only headquarters for all airline. TamilNadu was a desert of aviation enterprise ever since Air Asiatic wound up.

There was also reports of Tamil newspapers inflight abort Paramount, which would have attracted exitement in the emotional TN market.

To tell the truth Paramount Airways is no different from they claim to be. They are just part of the Hindi-speaking herd which are based in Tamil Nadu only in name.

THeir vacancies within Tamil Nadu DO NOT care for knowledge of Tamil but require Hindi. Speaking Tamil is considered shameful in India’s aviation industry. Speaking Hindi is actual considered good etiquette. Paramount Airways has also shown this preference.

They barely link 3 of the busiest airports in Tamil Nadu, which others like Air Deccan have already been doing.

The only thing Paramount Airways is unique is that they are the most expensive.

To sum it up, being an expensive airline which at the end of the day you get the usual English and Hindi only treatment, you would rather pick others for less.

Toilet cleaner posts are alone being reserved for Tamil in Chennai and other TN airports.

Source : Mouthshut

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