All Indian Languages Ought to Be Promoted in Fields of Science

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As per this report that appeared in the Economic Times dated 25th of August, world Hindi conference will be organized at the city of Bhopal in the month of September. The whole event is being sponsored and organized by the Government of India.Apart from its focus on literary activities in Hindi, strategies to promote the Hindi language in the fields of science and technology, foreign affairs, Information Technology and etc., will be debated in the event, says the report.

Promoting the usage of Hindi in the several fields of science is certainly good for Hindi, and its speakers. However, shouldn't the Union Government of India, which is a representative of all the linguistic communities of India, be equally concerned about other Indian languages? Why does the Union Government fund and organize events related to Hindi language alone? Shouldn't all Indian languages be used in science and technology? Why are non-Hindi languages of India not treated at par with Hindi?

These are the questions we all need to ponder!


Vijay said...

Is it the role of the External Ministry to Organize Hindi Conference in Bhopal ? It is irresponsible Diplomacy.

Shravan said...

I cannot disagree with the general idea and facts of the article. However, I feel that is not the solution to the problem. The solution would come if you can reverse the title of the article. It could be, "Fields of science should be promoted by all Indian languages". Even if you look at it objectively, the objective of science is not to promote languages (with the exception of linguistic R&D). Languages and people of the languages should think and act scientifically as far as possible. Since we are talking about Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka, here are some of my thoughts:
The Kannada elite seems limited to literature and art. We just have a Kannada Sahitya Sammelana as a marquee event.
Why not a Kannada tilivalike mattu upaya sammelana? Why not a Kannada chikitse mattu soukhya sammelana?
Why not a Kannada batte, udupu matte vayyara upaya sammelana?
Why not a Kannda lekka matte mahiti ganakikarana sammelana?.

We should ourselves develop and help ourselves mutually to stand up to any hegemony.

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